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Dear Friends,

I am sharing an experience which I have been facing for last two years. I am preparing for an exam but unable to pass it. Two years back when the result was about to be declared, the wall clock of my bedroom stopped working. I took it normally and just replaced the battery and clock started working again. The result got declared in the evening which was negative. I failed the exam.

I started my preparation one more time. This exam is conducted twice a year, in the month of May and November. So I had a few months to study. Exams came and completed and then the day of result came. I woke up and shocked to see the wall clock. It has stopped working again on the very same day when the result was expected to be announced. I was a bit shaken as the clock was working perfectly fine since the last result day when I changed the batteries. The result was negative again.

It was weird but I forgot this incident in a few days and got busy in my daily routine but I did not my studies and fill the examination form again and wrote the papers again. But I was frightened to see that on the date of result my favorite wrist watch was stopped. I figured out my result before it was announced. Is that some sort of cosmic power or energy was trying to give a message to me or just a higher level of coincidence, I don't know. But this happened four to five times in the past 2-3 years and it remains an unsolved mystery to me.

The most shocking experience of my life occurred last week when the result of same exam was expected on 14th August 2019. I was worried and changed the batteries of all the clocks and wrist watches I have, 2-3 days before. On the date 13th of August i.e. One day before the result my table clock stopped. I was confused and taken by surprise. I checked the battery and put the same battery in the clock. The Clock started working as if the battery was not properly inserted or it had some carbon gathered on the cell. But I got goose bumps after receiving a message from the institute that the result is rescheduled and will be declared today on 13th August. I got failed again but now I am curious to find out the mystery behind these incidents.


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Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
First, how do you fail the same test that many times, future results or not? My advice is to relax a bit, I don't believe this is a future premonition, but instead you causing it. Let me explain, I've had it more than once where things start messing up around me, and it's typically in a time of overflowing emotions. Our emotions are tied to our energy, and our energy is our abilities. If you have a spike of emotion, you'll have a spike of energy, and just like any kind of power surge you can fry equipment. With me it was when I was releasing negative energy that I had a watch on my wrist seemed to drain the power out of it, same with a phone I was holding. The screen went blank, wouldn't turn on, wouldn't do anything, a few moments later it came back on and worked fine. Now not just draining power, but a surplus of power can happen too. A friend of mine would have almost a panic attack sometimes due to anxiety, and she could hear the static over a wireless headset start acting up. So what I feel is happening with you is that you are worrying yourself from the test, you are afraid that you're going to fail it so you start releasing this negative energy, doing so stops the clock. It's not a fortune telling clock, but instead stopping because of you. Try to relax, and maybe study a bit more for the next test:)
~ Lyro

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