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Vision, Obe, Message?


To set the story I've lived in the same place in the country since 2000. I've walked all over this property without any unnatural experiences.

I decided one day to walk to the ground blind at the back of the property to retrieve a chair because I was swapping it out. I had walked about 100 yards from my home where I was going to cross an animal trail but as I stepped on this trail I felt a very strong energy come from my left (comparing to a strong gust of wind). When I looked to my left I saw a huge black wolf with long shiny hair and piercing yellow eyes. The wolf was about 3 feet from me and in a crouched position. The brush and trees were no longer visible to me at this time, only the wolf on a white background. I sensed that it was going to pounce on me so I closed my eyes and braced myself thinking, this is going to hurt. I knew I had no time to respond such as flight. The impact never came so I slowly opened my eyes. What I saw then was a field of flowers, brown and yellow as I remember. The field of flowers went as far as the eye could see. They were so dense I felt I could walk on them. The sun was setting, big and bright. All of a sudden I feel a warm gentle breeze starting at my feet and slowly swirling up my body and I'm gently being lifted off the ground at the same time, stopping when my feet were at the level of the flowers. I once again closed my eyes and outstretched my arms. I felt warmth from the sun and the most peaceful feeling I have ever felt. I stayed like this for what felt like several minutes. I then felt myself being lowered to the ground and I opened my eyes and I was back to reality.

I continued on my mission and for about 20 feet I felt a presence and the sensation of being watched and I was quit scared then it was gone. It took about 10 minutes for me to get the chair and return coming back the same route I had taken going. Much to my shock when I got back to the trail where I had the experience I realized that in that few minutes I had totally forgotten about the experience but at the trail it all came back to me.

This happened in December of 2017. My honey of 38 years passed at almost the same time a year before in December of 2016. I have walked back past that trail several times since then and I sense what could be described as a presence or is it just scary now?

This is absolutely nothing like anything I've ever experienced before. I've tried to understand what happened and why but I've found no answers. I researched meaning of having visions of wolf, flowers but I didn't find answers there either.

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Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-30)
Hi Sissie;
Imagine on, we are surrounded by an spiritual world and by the way it could show to us sometimes, depend of our spritual momment or to gave us a mesage that we deserve to receiv. I beleave you did receive a mesage from this spiritual world, to show you some faces of it. The wolf and the field of flowers could means, like Jesus said, Lord's Wolrd has many mansions, were we will leave according to our level of moral and spiritual development. Maybe your passed and beloved husband was triyng to tell you that he remains alive in that world and don't be afraid of him. Maybe it is a invite to you studie the hypothesis of survival after death. Thera are many literature of that in your country: Raymond Moody, Eben Alexander, Ian Stevenson, William Barret and many others.
I bag your pardon becouse my lacks of english. Greetings from a brazilian friend.

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