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I came randomly across a video talking about increasing your psychic abilities. I decided to do a short meditation/visualization exercise. I did this for a while, nothing popped up and I went on about my day. That night I was watching the 11pm news and suddenly this energy rushed towards me. A person that I have known for years and had not spoken to in over a year came to me. I just sensed him. I immediately sat up from the sofa and got on the internet. I googled his name. Immediately several articles popped up. All the articles said the same thing, he had been shot and killed outside his place of business. They never found out why or who killed him. I can't begin to tell you the feelings that ran through my body. It was as though I was dreaming, but it's all too real. I wonder if he actually came to me to tell me himself or if I suddenly sensed he was no longer living. I'm still glad I found out that way instead of seeing it on the news at work or someone telling me on the phone while driving. Now I'm left wondering if he will come back and visit me on occasion. I would like to contact him and maybe find out what happened to him. I don't know if it's possible but I am scheduled to see a psychic soon and see if a third party can help me with that or help me to be grateful for what experience I already had. If I try to explore my abilities and contact him myself, I'm afraid I may not be able to let him go and be at peace. Have any of you been sent a message from a deceased friend or relative?

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-14)
yes my best friend and I am going to see a psychic as well. I have several abilities and can't no longer ignore it. Have you seen a psychic since you posted this?

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