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Woke Up To A Pink Room And Moving Waves


here's my story.

I went to bed as usual last night, with my light on (which is normal). I usually wake up in the middle of the night since I'm a light sleeper and I just have a bad habit of waking up.

However last night when I woke up (as usual) and it looked like I was looking through a pink lense. My whole room was pink. As if the air was pink. I thought my eyes were messed up so I rubbed them, but when I opened them, I saw the pink room. But with these white (I think) ripples moving all around me. Like they were swimming. They were everywhere and it was filling up my room. To the point of it being more notable than the pink air. I knew I wasn't dreaming either. I was AWAKE. I saw everything in my room that was there, like the painting I was working on, my chair, my computer, etc. But the air was pink and I felt as if I was in a weird world or something.

However I didn't feel scared I was just confused and put up with it because I was tired. When I got up and walked out of the room it all vanished.

When I tried telling people I wanted to say I was dreaming or I was half asleep. However I was awake. I got up and left. My eyes were open. And I saw it all.

I don't really have any religious affiliation, however I am open to the supernatural and the unknown possibilities the universe has to offer. So I'm open to all comments and all stories. I just want some answers because sleeping is hard enough for me and although it wasn't scary at the time, I'm scared for some reason that it's going to happen again.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone tell me what this means? Thanks and stay safe everyone!


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michaeljamesmcguire (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-11)
It sounds to me like you had a dream and the planet Neptune was aligned with you. On a Maha Yuga chart the planets are in a chart Vulcan-Red, Neptune-Pink, Venus-Orange, Mercury-Yellow, Saturn-Green, Jupiter-Blue, Uranus-Purple We are in the age of ultra violet light and Uranus is the sign of Aquarius which we are in the age of. You can interpret this as you like but this video was extremely helpful when I had my initial psychic experiences -

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