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I've lived with this for a long time, and since I've been more open to my medium abilities more people have been coming to me, and by people I mean spirits. Last night while I was getting ready for bed I felt a weird pain in the back of my neck then fingers brushing through my hair. I figured it was someone who wanted to communicate (which is very normal for me, I see many spirits over the course of just one day), and I would just have to ask it to leave until I woke up. But I was wrong there had to be 10-15 of these dark shadowy figures, they were predominantly male. Although it was very unsettling I tried to communicate with the ones who were more willing to come forward and talk. I didn't get much information and honestly it didn't make much sense to me. They left me with certain images, and a few names. I'm still trying to connect the dots today but I'm just having such a hard time. I'm still unsure of what the connection is to the name Nick, and the caressing of a woman's hair. Along with the image of a white feather floating in mid air? Even today I'm bombarded with so many feelings, pains, voices, and it's overwhelming to a certain point. Well what I mean is it's not as clear as what I would prefer it to be! It would be better if I could find out what I have to do to make my abilities stronger. If anyone has any suggestions please comment. I'm new to this all, for a very long time I didn't accept it and I tried my hardest to turn this ability off. But now that I'm older I understand it's apart of who I am. What makes me, me.

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