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Spirits In My Room


I should start off saying that my abilities include talking to my guide telepathically, sensing spirits energy, and vision I can also make energy shields to protect myself.

Every night spirits just hang around my room waiting for my help and they seem to be all good spirits. They just want help and I do the best I can.

But last night was another story I saw my first spirit it look like a shadow like it wanted me to see it, I was on my phone wide awake just chilling and out of the corner of my eye I see a figure looks like a humans shadow. When I went to look at it it stayed at the door then shot straight to my window which is in front of my bed then disappears. Then I feel a pulling on my shirt. That's when I nope out of my room and went downstairs with my family and didn't go back until I pushed the spirit out which was really hard it really wanted to be in my room with me but I finally pushed it out.

Does this mean it's bad? Could it just have scared me cause I wasn't expecting to see a spirit?

So all in all what does this mean for me? Anyone who can shed some light on this subject it would be much appreciated

Aldo does anyone know anything about seeing spirits like this cause I know that this was not sleep paralysis because I could fully move and talk it wasn't a dream cause I didn't fall asleep nor did I wake up so this was a spirit and I really did see it. I just want to make sure this isn't a demon or negative spirit.

Thank you for answering my questions have a great day.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-23)
Hello InfiniteSpirits,
It's good to hear that you're embracing your abilities. You certainly handled that the right way. Some spirits are stronger than others and can become more visible, or manipulate this plane. If a spirit cannot communicate with you, he or she is not necessarily evil. However, just like with physical people, if someone refuses to or will not leave when asked, they may not have the best of intentions.
Your guide may be able to help you with such situations in the future by lending aid or energy. Your instincts and those of others you trust are the best way to tell what someone's intentions.
Trust your instincts,

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