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Emotions Dictate My Life


I've been told by many spiritual people in my life that I'm a succubus, an empath, and possible witch material.

I have been plagued my whole life by emotions. Sometimes these emotions do not seem to come from myself, but I seem to suffer in confusion even when alone. Racing thoughts tend to keep me awake on a regular basis, but when I do manage to sleep, I have extremely vivid dreams ranging from pleasurable to terrifying. I frequently sense things about others that I have no way of logically knowing, whether I have just met them or have known them all my life.

Many of my daycare providers growing up were concerned with my tendency to distance myself from other children, instead delving into reading and other independent activities like arts and crafts. My mother noticed that I took things seriously and was more cautious than other children. I seemed to know things a girl of that age should be decades away from experiencing. I've always enjoyed the company of those older than me, rather than people close to my age. At 26 years old, I feel more like 70.

I have many other examples, but I won't spend pages on drivel that people don't need to know just yet.

I've noticed, in the past few weeks or so, my boyfriend of four and a half years seems to be just as sensitive as I am to things around him. I have begun to wonder if we are both empaths (or perhaps empathic) which both worries and puzzles me.

He seems to absorb my energy or emotions every time I say anything, missing the meaning of my words. For example, if I am angry at his brother and try to speak to my boyfriend about something unrelated to his brother, he almost always becomes confused and withdrawn. He seems to think that I'm angry with him, even though I have no present reason to be!

I have wondered if I have misspoken or if it's otherwise my fault, but have recently suspected he is an unaware empath. He is not one to heavily believe in the supernatural realm, past alien existence and sometimes ghosts. I know that, if I am an empath, I require more knowledge to better control whatever ability I possess, but through endless research, have learned next to nothing.

I came to this site hoping for advice on my two biggest problems:

1. Are either (or both) of us empaths?

2. If so, how to I deal with myself and how can I help my boyfriend see what he is and believe it?

I am happy to elaborate and/or give more detail that I may have missed. I also highly appreciate each and every person who decides to read this, even if they do not reply.

Thank you all for your precious time and consideration.

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ShyMoon (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-26)
Dear Intuitivehill31,

Thank you for your reply! I shall have to find time to send you an email.
It has been extremely difficult to find any good information, as hundreds of people seem to have an opinion on the general subject of metaphysics. Unfortunately, I do not know enough to tell the facts from opinions.

Ever since I developed my own way of meditating at sixteen, I found that I feel more grounded to everything around me and my emotions tend to level themselves out as long as I keep up with the meditation. I have been neglecting it for the past few years and I have noticed a big difference in a negative way.

I am always analyzing myself and trying to learn new things about myself so I can be a better person and become increasingly more comfortable with myself.

I appreciate a kindred spirit reaching out to help me!

Thank you again for replying and enjoy this holiday season!

Intuitivehill31 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-25)
Shymoon, I can relate to your post. And might have some websites. Feel free to email me for websites: hmcdowell31 [at] gmail

In regards to your post. It sounds to me like you are searching for answers to better understand yourself. Gaining a better understanding of who you are will help you be comfortable with yourself. It will also help you communicate with others because you won't have to second guess yourself. As to if there is something wrong with the way you come off. You are young be patient and definitely keep seeking knowledge. You are not alone. When I found myself, things just started clicking
ShyMoon (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-22)
Dear Anne,

Thank you for your opinion on my post.

I apologize for being unclear. I gave (what I hoped) were the essential bare bones of the situation, leaving some things open for questions in order to begin a discussion. I was hoping for information about empaths/empathics, perhaps even a link to a reputable source. I have attempted repeatedly to research myself, but the general public does not seems to regard the field of metaphysics as a genuine subject. I have been forced to read blogs with many contrasting points and even some web pages that are trying to sell a degree or program of some kind.

I appreciate the advice on my relationship, but we are communicating in a way that works for us and we have no illusions that we are perfect together in every way without any work. In the future, I would prefer to discuss empaths and the metaphysical topic, rather than my relationship.

Thank you again for your time, consideration, and effort. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-11-20)
Being an empath mostly means you are sensitive to the energies around you. Most people have some empathic sensitivities. It's like art; most people can draw something but some can draw very well. Since we are all spirit, we all can tap into a natural state of detecting energy around us. So that being said, your boyfriend probably has what most other people do; basic empathy abilities and attributes.

People can use metaphysics as a way of detouring from work they need to do on themselves and in a relationship. More than thrusting your empathy view on your boyfriend, who probably won't be all that receptive anyway, you might want to consider working on communication. If he's not hearing what you're saying that's more a communication issue than an empathy one. Stop talking and ask him about what he thinks he heard you just say. Maybe you're not articulating your side in a way that he can fully understand. If you're attitude while talking to him is more harsh because you're carrying anger inside for his brother, then that's your issue and not his. We can all say a basic sentence and yet the underlying feeling behind the words can change everything in the delivery. This applies to all humans not just empaths.

You are who you are. If you're empathetic, a loner, prefer hobbies over people than so be it. So as far as "dealing" with yourself, accept you as you but also accept your boyfriend as he is. Trying to change people is not only an ego move but rarely succeeds and only creates resentment and blocks. The hard part in any relationship is owning up to the fact we might need to do some work on ourselves. It sounds like you're conscious enough to consider that. Talk with your boyfriend in a non-accusing way and open things back up. Something like, "Hey, I noticed that we're not in synch with our communication and I'd like to work on that with you. How can I better communicate in a way that helps you understand my message because you understanding me in a positive way is important?"

Thanks for sharing.

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