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My Scary Experiences Throughout My Life


This terrifying event happened when I was 9 in the summer time, I was about to turn 10 that fall. Me, my best friend, Kacie, and her grandma were with me. We went to go swimming on the beach, go to dinner, then go to the store. When we got back, they wanted me to go turn the light on. Well the dining room light was one of those push dial switches. In the living room there are 3 chairs lined up to the right with the TV in line with the middle chair against the wall on the left side. I'm about to push the dial and in the corner of my eye I see a black shadowed man with a tall hat and a button down shirt with a vest, like from the 1800s. I turned my head to look to see if it was just my eyes fooling me or if it was real and sure enough it was real, I looked at it with my bare eyes in terror. So I went back to do what I was doing and in the corner of my eye again, this thing turned its head to look me. So I turned my head to see if it was real, dumb thing to do I should've just ran, and it was real. It had these terrifying yellow eyes, the pupil was like a cat's, it had this tight oval shape almost a complete line. I was so scared I ran outside crying, I told them what happened. I carried groceries inside then I ran home. That night I couldn't sleep, to this day every time I think about it my eyes start to tear up in horror. I will never forget this ever happened. When I was alittle bit older, about 13, me, my mom, my aunt Lisa, and my cousin Katie. We went to see my grandma and I was in her kitchen when she called for me to go to the basement and get something. Just remember I'm terrifyed of the basement, I always get this feeling that something is down there waiting for me. When I just looked down the stairs and behind this picture vine thing that stands up, there was a face of something, but I didn't get a good look because I ran away. Katie was still standing there wondering what I freaked out about. I heard a door slam and there she is against the closed door, on the floor crying. I was out of there and ready to leave. I always have feelings of something's presence but I never really see anything, not all of the time anyways. This is my stories, thanks for reading.

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johnfly (25 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-11)
Hello [at] SidKel11

Interesting experience.

When you saw the shadowed man, did the energy around you feel heavy or condensed and did you get a bad sensation? If so, did this apply to the experience with seeing the face of something also along with the door slam?

Have you had any experiences since this post or recently?

Also, was it only in your grandma's house that you had these experiences or have you had them in your own home also or elsewhere?


Johnathon Fly
NANCYLEEQ (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-01)
When I was 28 my mom started acting strange forgetting stuff and fainting. I knew there was something wrong before she was diagnosed. I was on a trip to New York and started worrying about her we left the next day for home I got a call from my dad he was coming over to talk. He told me my mom had a brain tumor in the frontal cortex of her brain. It was terminal. That was the beginning of four months of horrible tragedy watching my mom go through that. The day she passed at home my brother and my father were with her I came home and sat with her waiting. My thought processes were on high alert. My dad said you go home we'llstay with her. I hesitated but decided to go. I'll never forget how bad I felt she passed away within two hours. I still think about it 35 years later I should have stayed. I knew something bad was going to take place. I knew she would be going to be with the Lord. I just didn't want to see her take her last breath.

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