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I Saved A Life Many Years Ago


I have never told this story before, but lately have been thinking about it frequently. This occurred on Halloween night in 2000. I was in college and at a Halloween party at a large bar/restaurant. It of course was a very fun night.

Suddenly an overwhelming sense of anxiety came over me. The walls felt like they were closing in. I felt like I could not get enough oxygen. Tunnel vision and sweat. "I have to get out of here! If I can just go outside I will feel better." were my thoughts. I walked out the front door and the cool air hit me. This provided momentary relief, but within seconds the feelings returned.

The bar had a long parking lot that bordered a busy street. Now my feelings of dread were pushing me to leave the parking lot. "I need to take a walk. If I can just get to the end of the parking lot..." So I walked. With each step I felt better. I get to the end of the parking lot and I see my friend "Jason" standing near a brick wall by himself. Seeing him sent a wave of relief over me. My uneasiness was lifted. I can breathe and feel normal again. I start walking towards him.

I yell his name, but he barely reacts. It's dark, but I can tell that his skin looks pale. His face is non-expressive. It's like he is looking through me and not at me. He collapses on me and I slowly lower him to the pavement. He starts coughing and gasping for air. Snot covers his face.

I run back to the bar and grabbed the first person that I knew. "Jason is in the parking lot. We need to get him to the hospital now. Find someone with a car."

"Jill" comes running out and starts up her Jeep Cherokee. She pulls around. I already have Jason halfway standing and help him into the front seat of car. I hop in the back.

Jason was one of my best friends. We had known each other since childhood. We were roommates for most of college, except that year. He was having a rough year. He had gotten into drugs and people were worrying about him. This night he had taken a drug called GHB, which is liquid sedative that causes memory loss. It is very powerful and easy to overdose on, since the user will forget how much he has taken.

We get to the emergency room and I carry him in. It is midnight on Halloween. The hospital is packed. The front desk nurse is overwhelmed does not grasp the severity of the situation. They pull a gurney around and we sit in a hallway. I watch Jason's breath get shallow. Jill and I demand a doctor immediately. Others in the waiting room joined our pleas. He is finally wheeled into a room.

I tell the doctor what I can about the night leading up to this as he and a nurse start connecting monitors. Jason's pulse reading is 37 and his breaths are barely registering. This sets off alarms immediately after the devices are connected. The doctor tells us to leave as other come running in. Jill and I return to the waiting room and stare at the floor for 30 minutes.

The doctor comes and gets us and says I can come back. "Is he awake?" I ask. "Oh yeah." replied the doctor. "He's real awake now." They had given him a shot of adrenaline to counteract the drugs.

Jason is sitting up in bed with no shirt. He has no recollection of anything up until this point and was surprised and relieved to see me. The doctor says to Jason, "If your friend hadn't found you, you would be dead right now." His eyes start to water.

I have had moments of clairvoyance throughout my life. But have never experienced the physical symptoms that came with this and certainly never during such a critical moment. I have never had a panic attack in my life, but the way I hear it described sounds very similar to how I felt before finding Jason.

Is this clairvoyance? Intervention? Has anyone had an experience like this that had a major impact on someone's life?

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RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-11)
[at] 1sttime
I know this is pretty late time wise. There is a good chance you picked up on Jason's symptoms as well as being led/ pushed to his location. Glad it all worked out.

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