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Deja Vu Coming To Life:


I am a 19 year old female. My "deja vu" experiences started when I was 11 years old. I remember I was super exhausted that day. We were visiting my Dad in the next city over and usually I would be super thrilled to see him but I was really tired and ended up sleeping the whole ride there, while my mom was seeing him, and the whole ride back. One dream of mine stood out and I still can remember it to this day. I had a dream where I was seeing my past life. I saw my older sister 5 years younger with all of our old pets. We were in a toy room and a bunch of the toys were speaking to me. One toy in particular had a mini chalk board and was drawing me a picture of the world. It was telling me information that I must "keep safe." Then all of a sudden, the toys, the pets and my sister all were telling me my mother was coming down to wake me up and that they needed to say goodbye. As they were waving their hands goodbye, my mother woke me up. I have never forgotten that dream. I never experienced anything like that until about a month ago.

I have been experiencing strong Deja Vu but I would remember that I had a dream about the situation I was in. It kept happening so much that I started to write it down in my phone notes. It was happening almost every day but each day was building up. Then, I had a dream 2 nights ago about a homeless boy. He had torn up converse and dirty/messy hair. He looked almost like my guy friend I knew in the past. He kept talking to me but I was so focused on his looks and clothes. When I woke up the next morning I kept thinking to myself, "ok you need to remember this dream. You could see it later on." Today, I decided to watch this show called Deadly Class with this boy I thought was super attractive (don't judge hahah) but I remember looking at him and thinking "where have I seen him before..." I looked him up on google (the main character Marcus) and this was his first show so I couldn't have seen him anywhere else. The whole time I was watching the show, I felt super weird... Then tonight, I watched an edit of the show and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I dreamt about him and the show. He looks like my friend from way back when and that's why I got the two confused in my dream. In my dream, I remember his dirty converse, his messy hair, and his jacket. I remember his bone structure and everything else. I called up my sister about 20 minutes ago and she was freaking out. I've been having "Deja Vu" moments that I actually remember. I remember the dreams that I've had and they all come true. I know I'm not crazy because this sparked up when I was 11. And I know it's not my brain making stuff up like people tell me, I know this is real and it's scary. My sister tells me that I'm "unleashing a certain part of my brain." True or not, it's still unbelievable.

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