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I Can Manifest To An Extent, My Visions Say Danger Is Coming


By the time I get this submitted I will be 16 years old. My experience starts when I was in a group home in Sacramento, California three years ago. I was there for one and a half years because I was going insane. I met two people there and then we started having visions (we thought they were dreams at the time). It turns out that it told us that we would all go through what could be more of a spiritual evolution, and I would start being able to use my energy to manifest things out of will by the time I turn 16. Not only that but I would be in fights with a lot of different people that wanted to kill me because of it.

I started of with this because (in case you weren't paying attention) I have been 16 since August, and ever since two years ago I've been going through a lot of spiritual experiences according to every source I could find. Also, ever since two months ago since I met my girlfriend (her family has a lot of spiritual gifts because of their Native American ancestry) her and I have noticed some "changes" about me.

Lately she's been seeing my aura from time to time, she says it's White and Blue. I know what blue means, blue is no big deal. What I'm surprised about is I have White! For those of you that don't know, white aura indicates the person has been born with a strictly important mission from God himself! And sometimes she sees me with the eyes I had in the visions, which the sclera was so black that light could not shine on the eyes and the iris and pupil were pure white. I now can have wind circle my hand in small amounts and it's not very noticeable either. I can heal too, but the most I can do is numb pain completely.

I'm trying my best to get stronger because lately when I'm day dreaming my mind wanders about this guy who is the father of another dimensional me is going to try to kill me soon, and by soon I mean at most 2 months type of soon. I could be extremely happy talking to my girlfriend, and the minute my mind wanders, that is what pops up. I'm getting more and more of an instinctual feeling lately that the day is coming closer. Can someone give me at least the smallest amount of advice they have to offer?

Note: I know this story can count for other websites made by the webmaster, but somehow this can be described as all of his different website combined, including this one...

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Lyro (468 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-20)
I wouldn't hope for a mission like that, all it does is lead to trouble, trust me I know very well. As far as someone coming after you, it could be that you're meant to protect someone and the best way to get to them is to take out the protector. The_real_me has the right idea though, you should try meditation, the one with the most answers for you would be yourself.
~ Lyro
Justart (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-15)
I have no idea what you're going through, however I'd suggest not to be overly trusting of these visions, and not to panic, also I'd love to know when you turn 17.

Have you learned how to manifest? If so can you share your stories!
the_real_me (1 stories) (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-15)
i don't know why people don't ever comment but I'm 15 I have the power of telekinesis and aerokinesis but you should try meditating it could be the death of you nut it also could help tremendously meditation helps with focus and could bring your more visions to you could you read my story and help so I can become stronger with the visions and yes meditate listen to more frequencies and try astral projecting to find out what your mission is

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