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I Think I'm In Danger Of Being Hurt


Ever since I was little I have been very interested and drawn to the paranormal world and very connected to witchcraft, I have always been connected to the earth, animals and crystals.

When I was 3 years old my biological mother passed because of health issues and I always felt like she was trying to talk to me, until one day my thoughts were right the first word I heard in my head was "come".

Since then I have had lots of passed people talking to me (I call it "coming through" or speaking through my mind).

I haven't ever told anyone about what I hear in fear of them thinking I'm crazy or lying, until a few days ago, I had a woman saying proud like she was proud of someone for achieving something.

At the time I was scrolling through messenger and became very drawn to one person to the point where I felt sick to the stomach.

So this person I was drawn to was a male so I started talking to him and asked if he had lost someone like a grandmother or am aunty, and as it turned out he had won an Australian wide photography competition and his aunty had passed away 1 day before he was notified that he won so I told him that his aunty was proud of him.

I have never felt a connection that strong.

I also feel as if I have an entity following me because I have always felt as if I'm being watched and I always get a feeling that something bad is about to happen and I've always been told that when I was little and living in Thornton I would always wake up when everyone was asleep and I would sit in the middle of the hallway and talk but when my parents would hear me they would come up to me and ask me who I was talking to and I would say "my friend" but they would say no one was at the house or even awake, I always end up waking up with random bruises, scratches and cuts that I didn't cause.

Is there something wrong with me?, Is my brain playing games with me? Is this normal? Am I in harms way?

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1020coco (24 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-08)

I'll try to answer some of the questions that you have in your post.

When I was a teenager, I was very interested in witchcraft and candle magic. I didn't have anyone around to explain my gift and the only thing available was information about witchcraft. Living in Boston I was able to learn a lot about witchcraft and experience it. My thoughts about it now is that it never really served me and kept me from really developing to where I am today. It was kind of like a detour for me. If you travel down this path, try to ensure that you are not controlling anyone or anything. Control is ultimately out of our hands.
Okay, so the good're not crazy and you're not lying. You're like many many people that are now experiencing phenomena that is not considered main stream at this point. Although just look on tv and you see so much evidence that it is becoming more and more visible.
You can sense/feel energies around you. They could be loved one's or people that you somehow feel a strong connection to. Keep in mind that your light shines brighter and differently so spirits can pick up on that and when they pick up on you, well then, you pick up on them too. No need to worry about being in harms way. Fear is your only enemy. I spent decades in fear and trying to hide from my gifts of sensing Spirits around me. Because I was in fear constantly at night, I drew some nasty spirits to me and could write a horror movie about the events. Bottom line is to get past the fear, it's important to focus on love and joy. When you are happy and have joy, nothing negative will bother you. If you live in fear and waiting for scary things to happen - they will. Protection spells are something a lot of people focus on but if you have such a strong aura of love and joy that is your protection. Your gifts will get stronger and you will have the most amazing experiences if you learn about meditation and looking for really positive influences.

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