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The Ability To Predict Danger


"Something is wrong. There is something very, very wrong here, but I can't see what it is." I often find myself saying things like this before something bad happens to me or to someone close to me. I cannot a recall a single instance where I was wrong, and the "premonitions" (for lack of a better word) happen to me often enough that I have learned to trust them. The few times when I don't, I pay the price. The more severe the impending danger, the more clear my feelings and thoughts are.

The most recent and valid example of this happened only a little over a week ago. I was lying in my bed at 1:30 in the morning, trying desperately to get to sleep. I had the constant feeling that I wasn't safe, and kept having thoughts about a raccoon getting into my room through the cat door installed in it.

Given that 3 months prior I had learned that a raccoon can fit through it after watching one casually push through it in broad daylight, I knew my concerns were not completely unwarranted. However, I had caught and shot the raccoon that came into my house, so I assumed no other ones would know about it. I decided I was just being paranoid and pushed the thoughts out of my mind in an effort to sleep.

Not 10 minutes after doing so, I hear the cat door budge, as if something large had just bumped into the side of it. I froze, hoping desperately that it was just the sound of my 96 year old house settling, even though I already knew it wasn't. Then I heard one of my cats that was hiding under my bed release a piercing, blood-chilling scream. I sat bolt upright and saw the dark silhouette of the largest raccoon I've ever seen run toward my bed. In the sheer panic and delirium all I could do was scream. I never screamed somthing so animal and terrifying in all 16 years I've been alive. My screams quickly scared the horrible creature out, but I was still frozen; thinking over and over again in my mind "I knew it was coming."

I was not harmed and neither was my cat, but the raccoon could've easily attacked in the split-second decision where it chose to run.

I've had other premonitions like this, but I listened to them and avoided the terror and possible harm of similar experiences to the one I just told. At times, I can see or hear about later coyotes that were roaming my area, or I see other tell tale signs that there was danger in the area I had my premonitions in recently.

There are 2 questions I must ask: Do other people experience this sort of thing like I do? And why do I experience this at all? I have my own reasoning behind this, but I believe insight from others may help me to develop my understanding.

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moniv11 (2 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-06)
Hello well I can relate to you, but in my situation sometimes are dreams or a vision of what could happen and it usually happens months later. I also know when things are about to happen like silly things sometimes I think about something and instantly it happens, quick example I was watching a movie with an aunt at her house and we each had our blankets because it was cold in the living room and I thought shes going to tell me to raise my blanket up so it doesn't touch the floor and in about a minute guess what comes out of her mouth so I just laughed but its silly stuff sometimes but when I do have my dreams I take them seriously just advice listen to your inner voice most of the times it could be right!

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