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Natural Ability To Lucid Dream


I sort of just found this website, signed up, and wanted to share a bit about myself since nobody in the real world seems to have much knowledge about it. Plus, I felt it was funny that the featured book is "Journey of Souls" which I own... Not sure if I believe.

Anyways I've always been skeptical of physic abilities. My mom tried to turn me into a Jehovah's Witness when I was little, and they forbid all things spiritual basically. I was super resistant to all religions. Mostly because I could control my dreams (to an extent) from a young age, and well... That was unheard of. I don't want to claim I have them for some sort of praise, like I'm better, because we're all the same in different ways.

I don't even think I've ever spoken to my parents about this, actually. I used to have a "dream fairy" when I was a kid in the 90's. She would come to me in my dreams, and ask me what kind of "theme" I would like to dream about. As I got older, I started getting nightmares. Life at home was difficult. Once I got to be around 13, I started fighting back against my nightmares. They taught me how to be lucid again.

Then I started experimenting with them. I read a book about lucid dreaming that said to start asking the characters what they "represent in yourself". I didn't really get much from it, except that it helped me lucid dream more, because it was on my mind more often.

I currently live with my husband. We're comfortable in our own home, away from all the troublesome roommates we used to have. Now I can summon people in my dreams. Mostly every time I'm lucid, I sit up out of my bed, walk down my hall. I try to flick on the light, but it doesn't work, and I immediately know I'm dreaming. Then I walk out of my front door, and just say who ever's name I want to see. They always come driving down my road in an odd vehicle, but it's always them as I knew them... When they were alive. That's what I've been using my ability for, is to see passed loved ones. Even if it's not them, it feel very real, and is a pleasant reminder of their memory.

I'm hoping more than anything, that someone else has experienced this, and could maybe help me gain a better understanding of what it is? Why I'm so different from the rest of my family? Blessed be.

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cryptikaura (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-27)
That's awesome! I can't really do it on demand either unless I am constantly thinking about it throughout the day, which may have to do with the power of manifestation. If I lucid dream too frequently, I get depressed because it's much better than waking life LOL. Flying around, making objects, controlling the weather... It's like a vacation you never want to leave. I do believe everyone has abilities though. It's just a matter of how much we can open our mind. I just wish I knew where I (my soul) came from, because it's not where the rest of my family did. I've always felt so "out of place". Good luck with your lucid travels!
AK444 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-27)
I have this ability, but I can't lucid dream or leave my body on demand efficiently yet. It usually happens randomly but the sleep paralysis or vibrations will become too intense so I immediately panic, manisfesting negative things while I struggle to wake up. That's amazing you can lucid dream whenever you want, you have a gift most people don't. You're not different or weird, everyone has the ability to lucid dream, it just depends on how connected to the universe people are. Most people have conformed to society, brainwashed by the news and other fear causing outlets... Stay Woke:)

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