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Specific Repetitive Vision


I have had visions throughout my life, however I have been "haunted" for lack of better words by a specific vision that I had 3 years ago. It seems to replay in my mind at random. When I had the initial vision I was a passenger in a car and we were traveling a highway at night that I had not been on. I saw this vision which involved a river, so I asked my friend driving if a river was nearby, and over to the left of the highway. He confirmed that a river was just over to the left of the highway in the canyon. We had been driving along peacefully, it was early in the evening but still dark out. I literally felt the feelings of what was happening to the person in my vision. When I have had the "replay " of the vision (same event) I have not felt (physically or emotionally) what I did the first time.

I have attempted to search online for articles about the visions scenario without success.

I am wondering if someone needs my help, is that why I still have the repeated vision? Or is my mind trying to logically dissect and make sense of that specific vision (but why only with this one vision?)

It took me a long time to realize that I was having visions and not just an overactive imagination. But looking back over my life I have always had pictures, "movies " or flashbacks = visions for as long as I can remember.

Also does anyone have any helpful links, books etc for development of intuition? It can be really hard to find valid articles

Can anyone provide some direction, or books so that I can learn a bit more about this?

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Divinelightom (1 stories) (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-17)
Did you figure out why you were having that specific repetitive vision? I've been having the same repetitive vision non stop for the past 24 hours.
Any idea why that might be? I'd be happy to share more details

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