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Precognition, Empath And Ghost


I have scared members of my family for years with my precognition. At first when I was little they would say that it was just coincidences. Until I started seeing spirits. Then when I would say anything my mom would listen, but would tell me to not tell anybody else. So for my whole life I have felt special and not in a good way. I have learned to listen to myself a lot with precognition. Like having a small flash of the future while sitting at a red light. Then as soon as I realize it is green and start to go the vision comes true and it was vision that kept me from dying. There have been many times where I saw myself going when the light turned green and then getting hit from somebody running a red light. I know who is calling and why before they even call.

My extended family doesn't really know how to deal with me when it comes to my empath abilities. I can tell people what is wrong with them before they ever go to the doctor. Now some have come to fear this while others wonder what my secret is. There is no explaining things really.

I stumbled on this site and was awed. I don't feel alone anymore and it is nice to see there are others out there. Now if I can just get to understand myself sometimes. That is how I found this doing research. I have had my first experience with a ghost that was able to touch me. I see them all the time. This one though was the first to have a conversation with me while I was asleep and awake. Normally for me it is only one or the other. I have had spirits visit me and tell me I need to get up and do something or check something. Always seem to be those looking out for me. I am not scared of these spirits. I have hard times in places where tragedy has happened.

I drive past a Mental Health Institute at least twice a week. Each time there is a female that tries to get my attention but others have her locked in the attic. The activity of the place makes me not want to be anywhere near it. I am not the only one.

The only thing I have not be able to figure out is where my love life is to go. I sit here and ask myself and spirit guides if I have met my soulmate or not. They all say I have and to be patient. My patience is running out. If anybody has and advice on to help clear me up on that I would like know.

Fun facts that I figure factor into why I am the way I am. I was born during a horrible storm on Oct. Friday the 13. I almost died during my birth. I was breech and they ended up using forceps. This resulted in a broken jaw, plus multiple stitches. The forceps left me with a scar in my temple just inside my hairline. The doctors also had to sew my ear back on too. When I was 2 I had scarlet fever. In an age where it is rare to even get it once I got it not as bad but twice more as a teen. I figure my near death at such an early age allowed me to be more open to things in life.

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