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Am I Psychic? Deja Vu, Empath?


Since I was younger I have always been good with feelings and understanding other people emotions. I recently realized I am an empath because of how in-tune I am to others. I am an introvert, feel drained around negative people, can tell and feel other emotions even if they don't tell me and many other things that make me an Empath. I also have a lot of deja vu since probably middle school/ high school. I use to be in situations and things would happen and it would feel like I was in a movie. Like what was happening in that moment had happened before and I had dreamt it or something. I would feel/ remember a dream I had randomly afterwards and question if I had dreamt it or not. It happens much more frequently now that I have identified it and think of it as premonitions or just "psychic abilities" even though I'm not sure if I have any of these abilities and it's just by chance this happens. I have seen a palm reader/psychic I guess is what I would call her and she has told me she sensed that I believe that I have some psychic abilities and that this was true but I guess I really just don't know.

Though when I told my mom about this she told me she has the same experiences and that when she was younger she had a dream the night before she went to a Christmas party. She dreamt that she went to this party to someone's house she had never been before (it's my dad friends house so she never met them or been in their house) and she was talking to them. After a little while the conversation turned into an argument and she woke up soon after very confused but didn't really think anything of it. That day when she went to the party the inside of the house looked just like in her dream and she was confused because she had never been to that house before. She then met his friends and they looked just like they were in her dream and they started to talk and the conversation started to be the exact same convo in her dream. So she re routed the conversation and changed it and the argument never occurred and everyone left the party happy but she was confused.

My little sister has also started to say before talking about the deja vu my mother and I have that experiences stuff like that so I'm wondering if it's some how passed through the family and just through the girls? Because my brothers have never talked about anything out me or anyone about stuff like that but I also haven't asked them so I'm not really sure.

If anyone has any similar experiences or knows maybe what's happening, please comment and let me know! Also I'm not really scared of any of this stuff I actually thinks it's pretty cool and love that I have this cool quality about me. I also loved psychic's mediums, guardian angels, spirit guides and all stuff like that so any information I would love to here.:)

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xcsx (1 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-25)
Hi Clairie_3043, your story is very interesting. I find that many psychic abilities, just like medical diagnoses, can often times manifest multitudinously. It sounds like you have empathic abilities, as well as some generalized heightened sensitivity. With heightened sensitivity, it often is lended in multiple ways: Empathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Mediumship, etc. As for your sister, and mother, I often see psychic abilities, or know of them, being hereditary. I'm a psychometric medium, and my grandmother claimed to be as well. However, it skipped my mom and sister (But, I'm also male). I think it could benefit you if you talked to your brothers as, because they may have had similar experiences. I hope you keep me updated on what happens! Best of luck to you!

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