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Ok all my life I've had weird experiences. I was always a quiet observant child.

As a child and well into my teenage years I use to beg for my angel wings and to be a warrior for God. I was always ready to hear a message from god. And its weird bc my family never went to church and religion was never a big part of my or my parents.

In the 3rd grade I heard my name being called in the bathroom as I was walking in line. I asked the teacher to go the bathroom and no one was there. I thought I was crazy and bring extra.

Now I've graduated to deep internal thought, which leads me to clear thought I know aren't my own. It sounds crazy but its a strong intuitive feeling that your soul is being talked to.

I had and still do have dreams that are messages: I dreamed about a women who was guiding me and teaching me about the light and the dark. And the things we do that puts us in the light or in the dark or in the between

I had a dream God showed me how everything is connected and how he is in everything. I know it sounds like duuhhhh but it's the how we are connected part. Its hard to explain, bc literally opened a tree. But I knew it was him or at least his message and he was not happy Sometimes my dreams come too but like years apart. I remember them bc I rarely dream about people I know.

I'm definitely an empath. I can feel emotions/energy by looking directly at them if I concentrate, sometimes even project a thought. I look direct at eyes when I suspect a liar. Something about looking directly into someone's pupil gives them away lol. Touch doesn't work.

I can also see/in vision auras.

I do believe I have the potential to be a medium but I don't want it. Too many bad experiences.

Even these thing happen often, I still would like to be able to control them when I need to. Is there any one out there who can relate? Or any one who has learned how to strengthen the abilities? Any spiritual mentors?

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MSunshine (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-18)
Hi everyone, 1st time sharing like this. God is my ultimate witness... I do not lie

1) Moved home in June 2020, I decided to draw my own clean nets up at the window. Time was roughly around 1:30am. The net curtain I chose to use, instead of white, these nets were black nets.

I also found a purple old church hat from God from a decade ago. Purple is Mums favourite colour. Really should have been thrown away, as I would not wear it in the same way, I purchased it for. Anyway the same day and within the same hour. Never done this before, but Mum was living elsewhere and gosh I think about Mum quite a lot.

So I placed the purple hat on a lampshade and place the black net at the window. Decided to go to bed. Next day, my adult child rang me in tears from work, stating Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To please God 1st and His people after that.

2) I do not dream, years ago I dreamt of the sweet lady who would be with me and have her home like my own, and we lost touch. Strange I can still hear her voice and feel her presence though she died several decades ago. No one told me, she had died, despite living 4 doors away from where I was raised from age 2.

So I saw her in a dream thinking, why am I not running to met her, then noticed she was expecting my child Godmother. Can still hear her sweet voice and inviting me to join her. (Once the 70 plus young Godmother had mentioned her knee paining her, could remember which one months ago. No. Over the phone were talking, or catching up, am rubbing my left knee and asked her which knee it was and it was the left knee, had given her am issue). Blew me away...

Back to the dream - Truly amazing to observe in the dream. Strangely woke up crying, that was the 1st time I cried as I was sleeping.

My teenager saw my face as I woke up and leapt for the phone. I was asked if am okay. I said, yes thanks I just need to call the church, (although we stopped going to the church) my child's other younger Godmother works there in the office.

Rang and asked her the younger Godmothers voice and asked her of my child 70 plus young Godmother, to be told, she died last week. I asked why did no one mention it to me... No regard for a 20year relationship...

Thankful to God for enlightenment me of what has happened as, the human tongue spoke no words, when or before it happened...

No grief, no bereavance, just massive sadness over Mothers passing and my 2 cherishable aka close to Grandmas I never had, passed away without me realising, until I dream and I do not recall many dreams...

Here are 2 experiences, I do not know how to described them. As one was touch and one was a dream. Why do I see before it happens. Some I know and don't know, some take 3 to 5 years to confirm what I spiritually felt. Never makes it easier, just a private journey.

3) Past 2 friends both said guess with, do not know each other and never met... Am in the kitchen not expecting their call.

One said guess what, I told her your pregnant and named both her children. Totally forget and asked her the names, she said I told her, while she was pregnant.

Second rang me, said guess what, I told her your also pregnant and said am buying thinks I do not really like and Husband put on the weight.

4) Once I visited an male elder person we met and is acquaintance of a person, I knew as Dad, but not my Dad. Well my child would visit him, truly lovely beyond words, as he lived near my child's primary school. All fantastic, he was cooking 'Pepper pot soup', never tasted it and never waited until it finished. Am in the kitchen and he his enjoying and sharing about the soup, over the cooker preparing, his favourite soup. Instantly, I feel to cry, as God reveals to me he will die very soon. I stood up and left the kitchen, and wiped away my face as if I was not crying. I went away thinking sugar, omg, really, drat. Natural, but taken aback. (Bless him, the amount of time he offered to paint my place. I was truly happy with my paintwork, without any help. So kind of him, I could not accept. God forbid, he could have died in my home, if I had allowed his kindness to manifest). Tried to return to my chair and continue as we were before. Would loved some eye right to lift my weeping eyes 👀 no long after, I love and cherished out precious times together and returned to his home, to be told he died, the next week.

6) Diagnosed with rare health condition, 3 decades ago I went intensive care and on a ward to recover. Saw an older lady and she said she is from Mothers home. I said to her, I think you know my Mothers Aunt. Never seen her before but it just hit me, I spoke it clearly. An hour passed and my Mothers Aunt walked past me to see her. So funny. My Mothers Aunt was shocked to see me in hospital, as no one ever visited me aside from my Mother and my child.

Always want to understand more.

7) I also have a gift of healing, less than 10 seconds and the other person is healed, they said hey had the pain the whole day and the centre was about to close for the day, around 5:30/5:50pm? Never met her again and never saw her again. Love God. Randomly found out thanks my Beautiful Mother, once shared the same thing to regarding others, being healed through her hands at hospital.

8) Never seen any of these women before apart from the host, who invited me. Women gathering, one lady drank chocolate and wine and felts sick. I got a share and massaged, (if it was 30mims to 2hours, makes no difference to me, my joy comes when they feel spiritually better) as I felt led by God. Same lady said, I should get a book for her to describe what she passed through, before and after. We had a great night.

So many, many, many more spiritual experiences, from a child to an adult. Honestly, strangers have said I should carry a book, for other to write what happened, regarding the healing. Some ask if am a witch. To warn someone of something, they said if I did not speak, they may not be alive. That is why God, is my witness.

If someone else can relate, I give thanks, if you can help me to overstand situation, I also give thanks...

Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To give as Mum and God gave me...

Cherishable names xXx Love God. Rest In Eternal Peace Love My Adorable Mother.

Love PE, Love MR, Love ME, Love All I Knew and Shared With. Love My Ancestors. Love Spiritual Goodness... Giving thanks 🙏🏽
wiseone (4 posts)
3 years ago (2020-11-25)
I don't have an easy answer for you. I had a friend many years ago who reject her gift, and so I know you can suppress your abilities. I also know that while we all have gifts, we aren't all going to access them in this lifetime.
Before you suppress or fight your abilities, I would encourage you to look into your Soul Contract. A Soul Contract is the plan we make before we're born. If you have a better idea about why you have your gifts in this lifetime, you might not want to get rid of your abilities.
I've had bad and good experiences. Which is why there isn't an easy answer. What you are looking at is a crossroads. Choose one path, you won't have your skills. Or you can choose the path that holds your abilities. But it will change things. How you see the world, how you understand life, and how you live your life will be different than if you are blind to the skills and knowledge at your disposal. As one who chose to embrace her skills, I can say that this way of life is filled with love, healing, and happiness. If you choose to embrace your skills call on your spirit guides to help keep you safe and guide you to the knowledge you need to grow.
Hope this helped.

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