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Autistic Empath With Precog, Is Getting Sensory Overload


My nickname is Blossom, I'm 23 years old, a psychic, empath, medium, with precognition (I have visions of the future when I sleep and here my own thoughts in them). Some background about my psychic abilities and stuff I've been through do to them, I need advice and guidance.

Growing up I was more intune with my abilities, I had for quite sometime (30+min) on 2 occasions picked out winning scratch off tickets for my grandmother, a streak, my visions that come true so far unless I do something to actively change things. Knew who was calling or about to call before the phone even rang. Turned of the tv or lights by will alone, seen and spoken to the dead, demons, other entities said stuff and described how they looked and had it verified. Also according to my mother I was abducted by aliens a few times when I was younger (not sure if I believe that).

Now I'm getting some of my abilities back. My maternal and paternal bloodlines often produced shamans, medicine women, witches, magicians, even gypsies. Also not sure how much truth there is to this, but others have called me a starseed. I have no flipping idea if there's any truth to such a thing however.

I need help on how to not let jerks effect me, I can get easily possessed and then they're effecting me via empathy. I've yet to turn on or off any electronics. I have had visions of the future so for my range confirmed is one year. I've even experienced my death in my vision before. Not fun, thankfully I avoided that.

I was having visions of a chaos sorcerer's future until I severed my past life connection to him, he freed me from a demon that had qualities similar to Pazuzu in this life. Thing is we had a stongish past life connection, he was a collector in that life and this. He sought to control me in that life and use my power. His greed killed me and my power ended up leading to his death, he couldn't control it, what that power was I don't remember and I pray I don't have it in this life.

Now here we are, my past life connection to him is severed. I'm weaker then what I was in that life by alot. Now I'm trying to pull my life together aside from some Satanist hacking my phone and trying to recruit me awhile back. They tried to claim they were like the sisters of the freemason, my uncle was a freemason. They need a better cover story.

Finally managed to convince the sorcerer and his partner I was crazy and not gifted. Gah I hated every minute of it.

He ended up putting a dark barrier around my home, trapping some beings within, including a demon, with me and my family. Until a high priest made him back off, he kept messing with my emotions and trapised through my head. I only offered for him to enter it once or twice. That was before I knew his true nature and saw him as the kind teacher. I had yet to re awaken and when I met him I was possessed by a demon, and asked him to help me in my dreams. He then told me after he went through my head, I was having visions of his future which I already knew.

His friend asked me to move cross country and live with her. I said no, odd thing is she offered to pay for my ticket was very insistent I leave. I'm relieved there not a problem atleast I hope not.

Thing is with my autism, I get sensory overloaded easily and need help and guidance. How do I re activate in a safer manner then just trying to throw myself fully into my visions and enhance there range, and then there the ever present empath stuff, I don't know how to control them safely, ie not feel a suicidal persons energy. I feel like I'm drowning in this stuff. I'm thinking tarot and runes can help me get back in touch with my Precognition and sixth sense. But the rest is beyond me.

I don't know who to turn to or what to do. I'm lost and confused and it seems like almost all the witches and magicians and chaos sorcerer's, I've met want to control or manipulate me. I'm just trying to make sense of all this. A high priest offered to make a power stripping potion for me. I'm not even sure if that is possible. Also I'm wondering what other abilities I may possess. Others say I have telekinesis and telepathy and remote viewing. I'm not sure on that.

What I do need to know is the Chaos Sorcerer going to leave me be? He once offered to send some of his cult people to my home and pick me up. I should be safe but he can be vindictive. How do I control and re activate my abilities and what other ones do I have? If anyone wants to examine my energy, aura etc feel free to go ahead.

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Illumin (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-19)
Hello Blossom,

That is an interesting story you have there, but stuff like that makes life interesting doesn't it?

Anyway, people only really have power over you if you let them, if you constantly worry about this "sorcerer" -which I heavily doubt can do anything more than talk big-. Then you will never be rid of them. You have to cut them off and forget about them, heck take them down a notch if you want to when you cut them off, it might actually help them in the long run.

As for getting your abilities back, there is nothing to get back. They are still there as they always were, the only difference is you allowed someone to make you think that they were gone. Overcome that doubt, know and feel that your abilities are yours and you will see them come back. I do recommend finding some inner peace along the way.

Figure out who you are, who you want to be, and pursue it until you make it real. This is your life, and your fate to choose.

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