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Why Am I Feeling Others Emotions?


I'm new to this psychic stuff this site was recommended by a friend. I've noticed I've been, feeling other people emotions I never really noticed it but my friends and family have. Personally I'm not the wear your heart on your sleeve type just the opposite I keep my emotions in check so much so I've developed a perpetual frown aka resting b**** face. I only really noticed after I was watching a anime show with my girlfriend's little brother jake and he told me. One of the characters were killed, then all the remaining good guys got angry and went berserk. Jake said. When the character got mad I started breathing heavy I gripped the arms of the chair so hard he could see the whites of my knuckles, and I looked like I wanted to kill someone. The whole time I had no idea I was doing any of this. I asked my friends and family if I've done it before they told me yes and it wasn't just tv shows it could be music I'm listening to or that another person in the room is crying and I'll cry again it seems like I'm doing and feeling this stuff subconsciously it feels as though I go into a trance when this happened. A friend who's into the paranormal said I could be an empath and to check out this site. My family said I've done it all of my life. Again I'm new to all this psychic stuff. What's weird is most of the time I walk around with my rbf on all the time I'm not sure if there's an exact trigger to this or not could someone please give advise any will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-30)
Being a empath means that we have to learn to shield ourselves when required. This is essential to avoid being drained and to set parameters for safe contact with others. Failure to do so puts all empaths at risk from dark energies and negative forces.

Being an empath myself, I struggled for years with being bombarded with emotions until I learnt how to cope through prayer, meditation, self-awareness and setting up a personal shield. I've attached a link which has some information that hopefully you might find useful:

If any of you need to talk more about being an empath, my details are on my profile page. Be Safe and be Well. ❤
MoonLightWolf (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-17)
The odd thing is I rarely consciously show emotions but I'm the first one my friends turn to when they have a emotional problem because I can always think of a way to help them
Bookee77 (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-17)
This was something really hard to shake I was going when it started for me but even now I struggle. Meditating/ praying or whatever you do really helps a lot with thats. I've lost a lot of friends being and empath it can be very draining around the wrong person and make you feel pretty loe. The trick is to find happy people to connect with so your not constantly being dragged down.
swold4257 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-16)
Have you read info on being an empath. I am one and it can be very exsausting because you take on the emotions of people around you. I no longer watch television because it is so draining on my emotional state. If there is a tragedy in the news I would rather not know as it could put me in bed for several days. I pick and choose who I let share their emotions with me because my mind and body can take only so much. I cry over television commercials for goodness sake, even knowing they are actors. I can not watch anything with violence. I suggest you take the Briggs and Meyers personality test and see what your personality is listed as, (you can google it.) Then read everything about your personality type, (pinterest has a lot of quotes and short articles on each type.) I am a type that is 1% of the population. It helped me to understand myself. My theripist told me I was an empath and then I read a lot on that. The world needs empaths but the world can also wear an empath down, you just have to protect your heart. Show compassion to those you have energy for and then take a break to recoup and recharge your energy. If you don't recharge you will have the persons emotions attached to you, draining you. It is important that you don't become over burdened with others emotions that you loose your own energy and sense of self. I hope this makes sense. It has taken me years to understand why I am who I am. I used to think I was depressed cause I was always crying and hurting over what others go through. It was a relief to learn that I'm not depressed but instead I have this gift that I need to use carefully.

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