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Deja Vu, Dream, And Unknown Voices


I am new around here. Seen some similar stories. Wanted to share mine. This is a story that I don't understand very well. I believe in God but do not get the point of the guidance.



I saw myself in a park with a blonde girl in red. The park is unknown to me. But it is sunny and there are some unique structures. The girl goes to WC and I wait. While I am waiting for her, a deep and echoing voice tells me she is not the one I have been searching for.

1-2 years pass after this dream



I am in the same park with my girlfriend. Blonde and in red... We are at the same point. She asks me to wait for her, goes to the same WC in the same manner. I realize that is a déjà vu. No voice from the unknown. But I remember the voice and what it told me... I cannot tell her about it. İ just don't believe it is saying the truth.

After 2 months she leaves me for no reason. She says she is not the one. She doesn't love me.

What do you think that voice is? What is the meaning and logic in it?

And I also had some other deja vu with her. Especially the most intimate moments. Like our first kiss at the cinema. Like a song she sent me. All the moments were in my dreams scattered in random moments.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

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Necey2378 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-16)
Sounds like the dream was a premonition, I would think it was your guides speaking to you. Possibly they were giving you a bit of a warning or answer. Before the dream had you been pondering when you would find someone or "the one"?

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