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Tuning In On Voices


Recently I've come to a huge realization. After ignoring this all my life, and lately reading about being in contact with other beings beyond the physical, I've had to ask myself if it's possible that I've been neglecting a gift/ability.

If anyone else has every experienced this, it would be so nice to know that I'm not alone, but there have been so many instances in life where I've experience a type of static chatter. It's happened while with a group of friends, or just one other person, while in public or private. It's as if I'm sitting in a school cafeteria and unable to hone in on just one voice. But it's never clear, and I wouldn't exactly call the sound "voices"... More like just noise, a buzz, or even idle engine. Just millions of voices making noise.

The reason I've taken notice of these moments is because they tend to stop all of a sudden, like a clap of silence. It catches my attention every time, but I just dismiss it as noise in my head, or static in my ears like when you sit in complete silence. This experience has been so impactful that there are times when the "voices" get really clear to the point of one singular voice, but I'm in a sort of daydream. I snap out and ask the person near me if they said something, but they haven't.

And I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I'm sure many of us have heard someone call our name only to discover they hadn't. This happened often as a child when I thought I'd hear my mother call my name.

I also was an only child for 8 years, and had an "imaginary friend" who I would play with and talk with on a nightly basis while in bed. This imaginary friend's presence felt strongest at around 9 to 11 years old and it seemed to become attached or focused onto a bunch of stuffed animals I had collected. I'd begun to hold mental conversations with them every night while holding my favorite, and watching the moon and stars through my window. I stopped this behavior/activity when about 13 or 14 years old.

Could the imaginary friend actually be my grandfather who passed away while I was a baby? I have no real memories of being with him, but I know what he looks like, and strangely, I know what he smelled like. This smell I've only ever smelled once (fairly recently), and I immediately thought of him.

Is any of this related, and if so, how do I hone in on the voices? Are they thoughts of others around me? Voices from spirits of those who've passed? And If it was more than just an "imaginary friend" who are they and how do I reconnect with them? I'd love to hear about your experiences with any of this.

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banqq (7 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-21)
Thanks OliviaMarie! It's so good to see that someone else out there has experienced this. It can all be pretty scary when you don't quite understand what's happening. In my adult years when I hear my name called so clearly, but entirely out of place is when it's most jarring.

It's been busy a few months, and for that reason I've been tuned out. But as soon as I get back into meditating, "feeling," and pondering about my experiences, it doesn't take long for the unusual to begin. I'd really like to hone in on all of my skills more.

How did you learn to tune in more accurately? And how do you deal with life's everyday distractions and balancing everything?
OliviaMarie (2 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-04)
Thats wonderful, I can relate 100%, I wondered for Years what the 'chatter' was and how unusual it felt and struggled to describe it in words that made sense. Kind of how you explained, like standing in a crowded room full of people talking all at once, not really able to distinguish one voice from another. I used to get it a lot at night and had to sleep with background noise to distract from it, it wasn't very helpful.

What youre going through now is what sounds like the beginning of spirit trying to connect with you. Your mind isn't focused enough yet where youre able to distinguish the source of where its coming from or even how many are coming through. Almost like a radio dial picking up many stations at once without being dialed to one particular station. It takes time and eventually things will progress, its a big deal and up to you to decide whether you want to pursue it.

Its so funny that our stories are so similar, I even had the name calling thing where I thought someone called my name and they didnt, its almost like theyre trying to get your attention but its too soon. I feel like you're on the precipice and honestly I'm excited for you because for me at least its been a hell of a ride and all of the validations I've had since then have left me no doubt that spirit comes through. Everyone is different and progresses at different levels, I was around 7 years old when I was playing at the park with a girl not knowing that my parents couldn't see her, it didn't seem unnatural at all until they insisted later that no one was there.

There are gaps where nothing happens and times where you might feel overwhelmed, if you need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me if this makes any sense.

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