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Is It Safe To Block My Abilities?


In short, I've been developing more ability these past months. Generally I just able to see and feel spirits, ghosts or energies around me since I was a kid and have a sharp intuition. That is, nothing more nothing less. But as of late I begin to see something I rather not to. It began on June/July (I can't quite remember), I was really relaxed at the time, and my mind was clear then I closed my eyes trying to get more relaxation. Few seconds later there was some spiral came into view, it was violet and spinning clockwise. Slow but steady it changed its direction as I watched. Something slowly emerging from that point, something like a water screen which later showed me a quite strange but serene environment, it took me several seconds to really grasp what just happened. When I did the view started to turn to its right, somehow my mind was paranoid thinking that I might see something unfavorable if I kept looking. I opened my eyes quickly freaked out by what happened and what I was about to see. Since then I'm able to see something in my mind without having clear mind etc, the only thing I have to do is closing my eyes and invest some concentration. I still don't know what thing I see, where and why until this very second but somehow the idea of not knowing brings me some comfort, so I don't give it too much thinking.

Things changed on August that I started to see a little bit glimpse of future whether I have my eyes closed or opened. What terrifies me is that all visions I got happened. It just feels like I have no power of stopping the events, I'm scared with the possibility of seeing terrible misfortune or even death of my loved ones or people I know in general. That was the moment I decided to block all my abilities. And I do now, it's been a month and my life is quieter and calmer. I think there's some consequences of my action though, it proved by the time I blocked all of them I started to develop another (ability) and attracted more entities with my presence. About one week ago a ghost named Mytha randomly visited me and told me that I have the key with me, before I had the chance to ask her what it was about, she disappeared. All I can remember is her sad and hopeless face, I don't know if this is good or bad thing. And just few days ago when I looked into mirror I saw myself with blank eyes with black ring around it. I got shocked for a bit and dropped the mirror, when I tried to get better look my face already back to normal. I don't know what it means, I don't give it much thought.

If anyone familiar with things I experience or even able to answer my original question of this post, please let me know. I think now is time to face the truth (if there's any). Advises are also welcomed.

P.S regarding my newly developed ability, it's the ability of feeling emotions of certain places whether it happened in past, present or both. I'm not sure whether this is significant but I forgot to mention that my power of seeing the unseen and my intuition were seemed to weakened a bit at the time I saw the visions. And actually even after I "blocked" them I still have them working at some degree, it seems like I can't fully block all of them.

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Joey4213 (1 stories) (19 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-26)
ok one, we really don't have power to change those types of events just because we can't and if we are able to we should not at all costs even if someone dies it saves the lives of many. If we screw with time then time, well time screws with us.
MissTickle1 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-09)
Hi, I just got on board here, and was reading through posts, but I'm going to add my opinion here.
When you mention the purple and the swirling, when you were relaxing that day, something became "activated" within you, because that is something I experienced myself with a Reiki Master I went to see... And afterwards it was like a faucet had been turned on, and I couldn't shut it off. Not saying that's what it was, but it sounds like something that could be. Also, it is important to be very grounded, or to learn how to "ground" yourself because you do experience spirits and other types of paranormal entities, you have to do it to protect yourself from harm. We all fear what we don't understand, face your fears, it could save someones life... (I saved my brothers life because I "listened" to my little voice inside and the vision I had... Long story)
In time, with more and more experience, youll learn what needs to be heard and what can wait. But you first have to allow it to come through. By blocking yourself that scares me for you... Because its not normal, you are what you are, sweetie, don't block your gift.
Learn to ground yourself, and protect yourself from any and all types of negative anything you may encounter, and allow your gift to blossom. I hope this helps
Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-01)
First of all thank you for replying, Ang3l!
My only answer is that it's easier to be said than done. Knowing something without able to prevent it gives heavy mental pressure and eventual guilt. The gap between my vision and the reality is too narrow, so I have basically no time.
But well some days ago I met someone who went though the same experience as me for years and she changed my perspective of everything. I begin to embrace it as a part of me now. Weirdly enough I pick up people's emotion when they near since the time I accept my clairvoyance ability, it leaves me really drained afterward.
Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-28)
Stop being afraid of your powers. Your powers are like how new arms and legs are to a baby. Learning to use them will be better for you, instead of trying to stop using them.

You'll get more control of your abilities when you stop worrying.

Yes, visions can be a curse when you can't change them, but you can always keep trying.

On the bright side, people always say they never get to say goodbye. As for you, you will at least get to say goodbye if you see a vision.

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