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Leaning To Embrace My Dominant Powers And Psychic Abilities


Time traveling. My story starts when I was around 12 years old. I'd usually see a vision about a particular event that will happen in a few hours and when the event unfolds I'd always be confused with the same event and always had the feeling" how come it feels like I was here before?'like I could prevent danger from happening because I had seen the whole thing before. On 1 particular day I had a vision of rescuing a baby from being hit by a car. So I kind of had the same feeling like something is going to happen right here and right now. Stepped out of our gate and waited for the baby (didn't really have any idea whose baby it was, since I remember rescuing it from behind in my vision) but immediately as I stood there I saw a car like the 1 I had seen in my vision appeared from the corner before it passed me, a baby appeared from the blue, I remember I got numb but I knew I had to grab the baby from behind like I had done In my vision and it happened as I had seen it before, I remember people coming to ask me how did you know this was going to happen?🤷

Before the death of close family member I'd see the whole thing unfold even 6 months from the real event but I can't stop it from happening.

I also have the ability to see unborn babies while they are still in the womb, such that things like facial features and sex I see while it's still just a blip the scan monitor.

If I fall in love and really embrace that person I kind of have the ability to change lives for the good

And when am angry I rise up like a hurricane destroying everything around that person.

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