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About just over two years ago I was exploring my chakra system for a better word trying to sense my auric field via my chakra system this was to say disastrous, although at the time it was also wonderous experience not making correct protective measures or shutting my chakra system down to just a normal operating condition light me up like a Christmas tree lights, if not brighter for everybody to see even negative entities yes I hear you negative entities or dark energies what ever you want to call them. I was doing chakra clearing of my system via therapist who called her service a meditation this is what others would think it was when they joined us, it was quite effective and subtle means of clearing out the clutter but on a low level but there came a time when there was only two of us I kept saying to her you cannot keep doing this your paying for a room and getting nothing back in return apart form my poultry £10 I knew it was going to stop one day, but I think she did not want to admit it or disappoint me, but I have realistic thoughts. So this part of the story ended and one day I was looking at the book materials id gathered over the years there was one about psychic development these particular learning were downloaded on a amazon fire so I could click a button on the device and it would read the instructions and related paragraphs to me after skimming through it a few time I felt I was ready to try it after a short meditation to relax my mind and body I started listening to the chakra exercises of which there was two at first nothing happened but I did not get upset or annoyed with my self as that would be pointless and a waste of energy you heard that saying you cannot cry over spilt milk, well its the same with learning about psychic things if at first you don't succeed try try again after a few tries you don't particularly feel any different until my hand brushed six inches from my other arm I thought what's that I kept my excitement in check, with the palms of my hands I slowly stroked above the upper part of my arm without touching my skin I could feel the tingling sensations rushing around the upper surface of my body I thought wow this is what they meant by our auric field id only ever seen this once as a young kid which scared the eck out of me I was too young to see such things but my guide thought he'd surprise me as I woke to the fright of my young life obviously the guide made a big mistake and it never happened again, but back to the above I learned by bringing my hands together it would reduce the field down to normal as I practiced more I started feeling the field actual coming out of my body and getting bigger this was telling me to stop and explore but I could not think of much else to do at the time as the experience was so powerful and draining at the same time I was pushing my self a lot further then I should after id finished it was then I started noticing black like poufs of smoke darting behind the furniture at first I took no notice I just thought oh what's that, then came the night I was preparing my self for bed I controlled the light via a remote control quite handy if you don't want to fall over something in the night, I shut my eyes for a short time so id feel a bit sleepy usually when you shut your eyes you see pictures of light this comes from your third eye that's in the middle of your skull, all off a sudden everything went pitch black the only way I can explain it was like walking in to a dark tunnel but darker, then something like a hand squeezed the back of my inner brain I instantly woke but there was nothing there and the light was still one next day when I woke too the morning I felt terrible weak and drained id been attacked by a negative entity I can only think it was linked to these particular chakra exercises that had been adapted by this teacher, id heard via another author this teacher attaches etheric cords to steal peoples energy this so called person was supposed to be a healer not a stealer but I do know it happens accidently and purposely at times to contol people in every day life

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awakenedzero (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-30)
I don't know much myself about chakras, cleansing them and all that but I do believe in mind over matter. Always remember these things:
You have not because you ask not. Ask God for anything and if you KNOW you'll get it, it should come to you.
You are the master of your own mind, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Maybe there are energy theives n stuff, wouldn't doubt it, but once you use psycho/telekenisis (which is what I believe you performed) you've become "one" with the universe and/or God... God becomes like the master sword from Zelda, God wants to work for you and give you anything you want LITERALLY but, you gotta spend some time with your "master sword" meaning, you gotta spend some time alone with you and God. And there will be times when it's time to take a break. And there will be times you may not be able to control it. It's your emotions and your thoughts becoming one force which means there's a subconscious as well.
You could also been under attack from a dark magic spell, but all you gotta do is pray, tell God, and it's gone.
Always pray before you open your chakras. I've been studying psychokenisis on my self for about 10 years and I didn't know about chakras and I've had 100% better results from praying before hand. Prayer is also meditation actually. But I'm pretty sure that if you're healthy enough and all that they should be about ready to go, you just gotta be "one" or "sync" to the atoms and particles that make up our universe the best you can. I've only recently been searching the internet for people like me and someone I can help... Alot of things online are false. I've found ONE person on YouTube that has the same EXACT gift I have.
I decided to respond to your post because I hate thieves. And you seek guidance. However, I'm not a professional, I've done all my experaments in my living room but I'm positive I can give you a better answers. Also, never believe someone that wants money. That's a false prophet. Money is the root of all evil.
So if you wish, contact me and I'd be more than happy to show you the real answers, no purchase neccessary.

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