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Supernatural Power As A Child


I always remembered a few things that happened in my grandmother's old house as I was growing up. It was before I started school so I was young maybe about 3. I also felt very in-tune with myself knowing I was young and could get away with and saying silly things cause I knew at that age no one would take me seriously.

Until one day everything came to a head and someone witnessed me being what I call an odd child. I was in my grans kitchen and there was this small but heavy kitchen appliance that I had my hand on and I don't really remember what happened next as I just watched it fly from my hand skidding on the floor and ending up on the opposite side of the kitchen. My gran and aunt saw this and ran and got my mum they told her what had happened and all agreed that I wouldn't have been able to do that at my age. The asked me if I could do it again with something else heavier and bigger than a 3 year old, but I never could again.

The next thing was when I was still 3 being babysat by my aunt I stared at the kettle and the wire began to move as if I was controlling it. My aunt just smiled and went oh don't worry about that and said something that I can't remember fully but as if I was doing it. It was weird. As soon as I went to school I felt different and I still do but something changed one day and I woke up and it was as if everyone and everything had been changed even the plates etc in the kitchen. I don't have anything like that any more however I do have the occasional dream about people dying and then they do. Or the bad thought of something happening like I got extra things ready in my car cause I thought I was going to have an accident and I did that day (faulty wiring no one new about set my car on fire)

So sorry its long this has been bugging me for a long time and I have been scared to tell anyone in case they think I'm crazy etc. I would really love others input on this.

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