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I Am Developing Powers Too Fast


I usually don't share most of what I call my powers with everyone else because I don't know how others will respond, but it has gotten to a point where I don't know how much more of this I can keep to myself. My first power had developed when I was in second grade. It was precognition, I didn't know what was happening or why I could do it, but thank god my younger self knew that it was special and decided to improve upon it. I'm now 16 and my power is getting out of hand. I'm now going into my junior year of high school, but during the time between second grade and going into junior year I had developed two more powers. I developed regeneration and healing others, they both came in a time of need, like when I really needed them to help someone. That brings me to this point now, I can't stop developing new powers, it feels like I'm out of control or everything is growing and improving too fast, because it's not just that I'm developing powers, my other powers have been constantly improving. I don't know what to do and I'm starting to get scared. I'm developing mind reading, and a weird ones that I don't know how to put words to. So this is me asking for help on what I should do, It's great having all of these powers, and I love helping people using them. I help a lot of people and that's probably what is making all of my powers improve and develop, but I can't just stop helping others, its something I need to do. I'm wondering if it's also normal for others to have this many powers and to still be developing more powers at this young of an age, It feels like I'm alone on this and I want to meet others like me too. So please respond to this with answers to my questions, that would help me a lot. Thank you!

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emmy007 (23 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-15)
Hello knuckleshead, I sent a message to your email box. I hope you have seen it. Please reply me as soon as possible.
Unicron1000 (guest)
5 years ago (2019-07-10)
Hello, my name is Nick. And I have the same powers as you do-- well the ones you specifically mentioned.

I have precognition which I do not know how to improve or strengthen. I had developed this power a few years ago but it has only grown a tiny bit, and I am looking for help in how to improve it.

I also have healing powers as well, I can heal myself or another person of pain and/or aches. If you need help with your healing powers, I'd be happy to help you.

Email me if you wish, it is on my profile page.

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