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I was at a Gordon Smith training workshop weekend June 2019.

Although we did a workshop the previous year 2018 and nothing really happened I enjoyed the day and enjoyed other peoples company I don't remember to much about the previous day except a few derogative comments to a lady from others she was claiming she was empath my own mind thought no don't say anything people don't react well to things they don't understand. I wanted to talk to her about it that day but the opportunity did not seem to happen so l left it and forgot until next day. I asked where's the lady from Saturday? They said see did not turn up I really felt for her as she did not realize the implications of just coming out with such a claim. I understood she was suffering from some sort of cancer and maybe felt ill. Probably this was why she did not turn up.

It was Sunday, June 30th 2019 and we started with a meditation. I'd done meditations many times before as I also attended a Buddhist meditation temple. I was not sure how long or what type of meditation he was going to do as there can be different types with benefits if practiced on a regular basis. So I'm just sitting there and following instructions which was quite normal for my self. The meditation seemed to go on for quite an extended period, longer than his normal meditations. By the end of the meditation I was quite relaxed but needed to use the services in a hurry so I pardoned my self and rushed off to the loo before the next part of the workshop started. I returned about five or six minutes later it may have been a bit longer as I don't like to be rushed. They were waiting for me and we were paired off and my partner was waiting for me who was already sitting down in hallway in a large group circle. We were told to imagine spirit coming down to meet us in a clock wise rotating circle. While this was happening we had to focus on imaging going to meet them in an anti clockwise rotation with our hands placed on our partner just focusing and not overdoing it. I could remember looking to my right all of a sudden there was this large dog with a pointed nose sitting right next to me it appeared like a solid clear negative. It startled me because I was not expecting anything to appear only in my mind's eyes but no it appeared right next to me. The instant this happened I jerked away from my partner's shoulders instantly it fled back to the spirit world my mind was transfixed for a few seconds as I I saw it spiraling away my poor partner did not know what was happened. Suddenly said she feels dizzy I explained to her what had just happened but she never gave me thoughts after she had recovered the idea of the partner is for extra spiritual energy when calling out to the spirits.


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