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Voices Of A War


My name is Pamela. I am 40 years old and have been in therapy most of my life for having ailments like bipolar, OCD, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and major depression. So when I went through a bad relationship breakup and had a mental breakdown. It was a bad thing. I started hearing voices. It was more that they were talking to each other about something I couldn't make out. So I said to them, "I can hear you." And they went frantic with excitement was what I felt from them. They where happy I could hear them.

But then I started to hear not so happy voices as time went on. Voices that would talk of bad things and try to get me to react badly in some way. For example: telling me not to drink the water because it's been poisoned, or don't close your eyes, or you better not walk in the other room from a loved one or we will get that loved one, or that I'm ugly and fat and hopeless. I mean with depression you tell yourself negative things like your hopeless, but it was never like this before where I actually heard their voices outside myself.

But I was able to become stabilized on the right combination on meds so I am not in the paranoid state I was before and the voices aren't as hectic and panicked. But I still do here them everyday.

What I overhear now is almost like a movie going on constantly around us full of good and bad "beings" for lack of a better word. And there are certain characters that want to cause us humans to fail and not show love so that we suffer like they are. They are actively trying to collect souls. Then there are some called the tricksters that try to cause confusion and fool you. They often wear others voices as a disguise or a coverup in visions so they're not seen. They also blame others and frame them for actions they've done to try to get out of it in spirit world.

There are also good beings that try to help other spirits and people through the hard times of what looks like war in the spirit world. It's a constant trying to protect coming from what I can sense are angels and what I call "brights". Brights are high above in the sky and look down on us. Their color is white with a bright almost white blue. It's the actions of love is what the bad are attacking and what the good are trying to preserve our right to be able to still do.

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