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I've always had weird stuff happening with me. Growing up I had a semi-normal life. When I was around 14 years old, maybe 15 I invited some friends over. I had been dabbling in witchcraft, one of my friends was an atheist and one was a Christian. So we are at this sleepover and I bring out an ouija board. They both immediately freaked out begging me to put it away or else they'd leave. A few nights later, I felt energy at my bedroom door. I thought it was my mom making sure I wasn't still up texting. But when I sat up, the energy left and went down the hall so I got up and walked back to the back bedroom where the board was in the trash. I said, "mom?" and I could still feel the energy in the room but no one was there so I panicked and began fast walking back to my room. Then my mom ran up the staircase asking what I was doing out of bed. I asked her, "Did you just go to the back bedroom?" She said no, I just woke up. We stared at each other not wanting to ask any more questions and I went to bed. The next day we decided to talk about it. I found out my mom had been in a deep sleep and she woke up frantic and had a bad vibe, she ran up the staircase and found me walking in the hall.

Ever since that night, I have been able to almost feel the energy in a room. Whether it be good or bad I can feel the vibes of a room or a building or a group. Since then I have became a christian but I still have this weird thing where I can feel stuff and I am attracted to witchy things even though it's all frowned upon by christians, I can't help but to wonder why I still have all this?

Flash forward to this past year, In April I was pregnant with our first child. The baby & I were both being monitored due to me being on fertility meds at the time of conception, a history of infertility and a million other things. We went in at 6 weeks and saw a heartbeat, 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat, 8 weeks and saw a stronger heartbeat. Then the night before my nine week ultrasound I had a dream that the baby had died, they pulled the wand out and told me there was no heartbeat. I woke up a nervous wreck, but it was just a dream, right?

I went in and sure enough, when the ultrasound came up she searched and searched and my dream had come true. It was a silent miscarriage. No signs or symptoms of miscarriage, the baby just dies.

So at that point, I'm thinking, maybe it was just my body's way of warning me that the baby was gone?

But then, a few nights later, my husband and I were headed to a local shopping center. On the way, I got a super bad vibe, like almost making me sick. I told him that I didn't want to go and that something bad was there. I didn't know what it was but something was bad wrong. We went in and came out and nothing happened. The next day a body was found behind the shopping center, the guy had committed suicide almost 3 days earlier and was found the day after I had bad vibes about the place.

Coincidence, right?

The next time was about a week or two later, I was joking with my husband about his ex girlfriend. (Her mom works at the same place that hubby and I do, I have never seen his ex there though, ever.) So I am in the kitchen cooking and just chatting and out of nowhere I say, "What would you do if your ex showed up?"

The next day, we get to work and guess who is there visiting? Yep!

So the fourth time, I got jealous over a girl who was getting a little too friendly with my husband. I dreamed that I would find out her name on facebook. (This girl is not my friend on facebook, nor do we have ANY mutual friends. We live almost 2 hours away from each other) But when I woke up, I had a new notification, I go to look at it and she had liked a photo of mine on a page I run on facebook.

Why did all this escalate when I lost the baby? Can anyone make any sense of this chaos that I live?

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