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Your Sister's Life Is In Danger


August 26 at 6:29am ยท

Your sister Life is in danger.

By carri

Date: 2016-07-18

Country: United States

State: Illinois

My sister Gina was the baby of the family. She was a spoiled brat as child. My stepfather was abusive toward me since I was his step daughter. Richard never adopted me as well as my foster parents. Richard did not adopt me because I was his stepdaughter and Colin never adopted me because I was his foster child.

My sister Gina got all my dads inheritance when my stepfather Richard died. And she has never worked a day in her life she is 43 years old. She inherited an engineers retirement package and pensions. Richard was a leading engineer. In 2001 Richard died of a heart attack after years of working in the engineering team. Richard always smoked cigarettes. He was a night owl. Richard would stay up late at night doing computer programming code or engineering math.

Richard was 62 when he died in Illinois. He told me right before he died he wished he never smoked cigarettes. I loved Richard regardless. However Richard caused a rift when he gave a large inheritance to my baby sister Gina. Gina and I drifted apart through the years. Gina and I were never that close. Gina had actually a secret identity. Gina had inherited a large sum of money so she lied to the family about her inheritance. The will at the funeral of Richards was never read to me. Gina had a lawyer who made sure Gina got everything, even though my mother Hellen died a month after Richard. I did not know the inheritance laws at the age of 30.

I was a single mother with two kids at the time. I went on to work blue collar jobs. While Gina continued to chase the Rock bands she loved around the world with Richards inheritance money. Gina basically did not want to have anything to do with our family since she was so young and had money. Well years went by from 2001 to 2010 my big sister Connie did not grow up with us she had been adopted out found my sister Gina and told me that Gina did not want to talk to anyone only on her own terms. Gina still continued to keep her distance.

Until 2011 Gina met a banker in Illinois. Gina had a baby girl. The baby was dressed in the best clothing. Gina had a tremulous relationship with this banker boyfriend. I called my older sister Connie on occasion. Connie told me this information about Gina. On July eighteen, twenty sixteen. I had a troubling dream about my sister Gina. Woke up today with a real strange dream. It said Gina, your sister is in danger. It keep saying that over and over.

The dream was shouting at me real loud. Your sister Gina's life is in danger. Your sister Gina life is in danger. Your sister Gina life is in danger. Your sister Gina life is in danger. Over and over. The voice shouted at me. "Your sister Gina's, life is in danger." "Your sister Gina's, life is in danger."Your sister Gina's, life is in danger."The voice shouted this over and over. I stood up in bed real afraid. It woke me up out of a dead sleep. The dream showed Columbia College Chicago her attending the University. The dream then showed her studying in class. Then from the dream a voice shouted. "Your sister Gina's, life is in danger." Your sister's Gina's life is in danger."

Then I woke up from the dream. I stood straight up on the wooden floor in my bedroom. I could hear my son in the other room walking around. I was frightened by the dream. I stood shaking with fright. Later on that evening while sitting down by the computer I realized my sister Gina's photo was by the key board. I was surprised to see the photo there. The photo I realized gave me a reading off Gina, by accident. By just looking at the photo right before I went to sleep. I dreamed of danger in her life. I really believe it was God's voice warning of danger in Gina's life.

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7 years ago (2017-09-03)
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