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I went to a fund raiser at my daughter Christina's junior High. The principal Ms. Adi gave me some hot dogs and buns to take home with me. I had remembered that, last week a kid named Nick J. Had told me he was hungry. So me and Christina left the fundraiser at 8:30pm and drove to Rockford's west side on Springfieild road to West state Road heading to a motel by the name of the Sunset.

I was intent on delivering these hot dogs and buns to a hungry kid named Nick J. We continued to drive and as we were driving, The motel I remembered for a moment it was about 12 miles west. But, we were listening to Christina's rap music on the radio. It was blaring in my ears and I was telling her to turn it down. The sky had turned dark black and the full moon shown and lit up the road. We drove for a few miles past the Shell station on West State street. I could see my car headlights on, lighting the way with the full moon. Then, all of the sudden I saw a sheriff police car follow me from the Shell station. Then I saw a police sheriff deputy, turn on his red and blue lights flashing to pull me over.

I pulled my silver Chrysler into a bar to my right turn. Then the sheriff pulled behind me. He sat in his squad car for a while. The the cop came He was tall and had on a Winnebago County deputy grey cop uniform on. He walked out and opened his door. "Can I get your driver's license?" I sat in my car's drivers seat. I rolled down my car window and handed him my drivers license. The cop then, proceeded to walk back toward his car. He opened the door and got in. I could see the cop through my rear mirror.

I told Christina it would be fine. That God is in control. I prayed to Jesus for a while. For a while I sat out then I decided to get out and hit my head light that was out on my right side. I then hit the head light and got it to work. Then I got back in my car.

The cop then came over and said, "You are supposed to stay in your car." "Mr police officer, did you notice, I got my right head light working?" Also I am trying to do a good dead, and deliver these hot dogs to a hungry kid at the motel about 2 miles down the road." The cop then handed me a pink ticket. His tall body in uniform then walked back to his squad car. Christina then yelled "Thank you cop." Christina looked scared and so innocent. I looked at Christina and looked a little irritated and said, "why did you thank the cop?" Christina then said " because the cop only gave you a warning." I then told Christina, " He, should have not given me any ticket."

"I fixed the head light on the car." I backed my silver Chrysler backwards and then proceeded down west state. I then, saw the police squad car pulling another car over with a head light out. I then proceeded to the motel called the Sunset on West State Street. I took a sharp right turn and pulled my car up to motel room number 11. The room where Nick J. Lives.

I turned off the car and pulled out the key. Me and Christina both got out. We saw some young 20 somethings walking toward motel number 11. I followed them and the tall white man with dark hair let me in the motel room. I saw Nick J. "Nick do you want some hot dogs and buns?" No, Ann I do not want any hot dogs we have food." "We have pizza." "Why don't you bring over Mike next time." I said, "Yes, I will bring Mike next time." Then I turned towards the door with Christina and Me and Christian then walked out of the motel room. The room blared with party music. I could see teenagers walking in and out of the motel. There were girls and young men there. There appeared to be a small party at room 11.

Me and Christina walked to the silver Chrysler and got in. I turned the key and turned on the car head lights. I drove us out of the Sunset Motel. "Christina it will be a while before I ever go back to that motel again." I said.

We proceeded down west state street. My car head lights were working now and the full moon lit the way. I then turned the car on Springfield road. I turned right on Mila road. We drove to Carol T. House. I was happy since was my Catholic friend who believes in the para normal. I pulled up in Carol's driveway. It was a ranch house with a gravel driveway. They were several cars and trucks parked in the driveway. I suspected there were a lot of people over at Carol's house. I noticed that it was James sitting on Carol's porch. I turned off my car head lights and then turned the key off. I grabbed the door handle and got out of the car. I noticed Christina doing the same thing. "James, is Carol here?" James was smoking a cigarette and looked white and Asian. He was tall and lean. James had black hair and brown eyes. "Yes she is. I will get her for you."

I then saw Carol's boyfriend walk out he was around mid 40s. Carols boyfriend had straight brown hair and blue jeans on. Carol's boyfriend lit up a cigarette. He took in a long drag. The smoke came out in a gentle stream.

He was friendly, and turned the door knob. To Carol's house up. I walked up the stair along with Christina It now was 9pm. "Hello Carol, I just came by and wanted to ask if you wanted some hot dogs and buns." "No Ann I have enough food." "But thank you anyways." Then Carol said, "Ann you can have Christina look through that box of clothes?" "Thank you Carol." "Christina look through the clothes." Christina then went to the bathroom and tried some pants on. Me and Carol talked about simple conversations and nothing relevant. But then Christina walks back into the kitchen and spins around in a brown bar chair. Christina then spins for a while. Carol looks at me with her grey hair and wrinkled face " Ann do you want a water?" "Yes thank you Carol." I took the bottle and unscrewed the plastic cap. I took a drink of water and then heard Christia. "Mom can I have a drink?" I then handed Christina my water bottle. "Here kid you can have mom's water bottle." Then Christina takes a drink.

"What is inside of that." Christina then points at this cabinet made of wood and glass. It was tall and wooden. It faced the right of the room. The room was cluttered with papers and a large table, television and small kitchen. Christina then points at the crosses and rosary.

Me and Carol ignored Christina and ignored her question. "Mom what is that." Finally I got irritated, my face turned to Christina my hair tied up in a pony tail. I had on a army jacket I had bought at the thrift shop. Christina pointed at Carol's cabinet with the rosary and crosses in it. "Christina that stuff of Carol's is locked up for a reason." "Carol wants to keep the stuff locked up." Then Carol leans over and opens up the cabinet. The shelves had beaded rosary crosses of different colors. Purple, blue and red. "Ann pick out one for you." " That is ok Carol. I do not need one." I then picked out the purple one. Carol then handed Christina the candle of Saint Micheal. Christina takes the candle in her hands. "Christina there is a prayer on the candle."

Christina looks toward the dark bedroom which she was facing. And spins the chair again. In a circle the chair spins. Christina's hair flies through the air. She spins slowly and stops. I assumed she was dizzy. "Carol I can see a ghost man in your room." Then Christina proceeds to tell us a description of this ghost man.

"This ghost man has on checked clothing. He is tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He is about about 40. He has a blank expression on his face. I cannot see his eyes they are hard to see." I looked at Carol and I she had a smile on her face. "Carol did anyone live her like that?"

Carol turned with a smile and then said. "There once was a man who lived her in this house fifteen years ago." Then Christina turned toward the bedroom and looked into the dark room. "I can see a girl now about eleven years old. She has long dark straight hair. The girl has brown eyes. "This girl keeps looking at me."

Carol looked surprised and brushed her hair aside. "Well the man who lived in this house killed the little girl. The little girl was hit by the man's car. The man served ten years in prison for killing the little girl. The man was drunk. When he hit her. The man also used to grow pot in this home. This happened fifteen years ago. This was all before I bought the house. I had to comfort the man who killed the little girl. He did it by accident and cried a lot about it. I held him in my arms and comforted him. He felt guilty about killing her and had to move out of this house. His mother sold the home to me."

"Carol maybe Christina could work with the police someday and solve unsolved murder cases." Well we should be going, Christina has school." Me and Christian gathered the cross and Catholic St. Michael candle and walked down the stairs of Carol's small home. We walked past the small German Sheppard. I Opened the door to the outside. " Thank you Carol. Christina Come on." We love you Carol." I stepped outside and hit the button to my key which light up the drive way with may car head lights. The car head lights lit up the way to my car.

"Mom, I can see the ghost girl outside Carol's house." "The ghost girl has long brown hair and brown eyes and is wandering around the outside of Carol's house. She disappears in the shadows." I stepped in the car and Christina stepped in the car. I turned the car ignition and started the car. I turned to Christina and said. "Christina you have a gift."

We proceed to drive and the full moon and the cold crisp night lit our way back to Rockford's East side. I finally drove home and we stopped my car. I turned off the key and Christina raced in the house to turn on her IPhone. Life seemed to continue as normal. At least so it seemed.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-21)
The candle was a catholic candle, St. Michael. Red and black. Black because it was already burned.
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-14)
I hqve to say this was one of the most entertaining story I read in here. But what did the candel look like was it white and had black writing on it vertically because my niece did the same thing to my candel

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