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Daughter And Mother Both Heard Same Voices


I had quite an experience today and wanted to get some input on it. It actually started a few months ago. Like others on this site, I started noticing that every time I looked at a clock it was 11:11 or 1:11. It then moved to other sequences 12:34, etc. I did some research on the Angel Numbers and just let the experience happen when it would (usually 5-8 times a day).

A week ago, I decided to try to meditate and started with focusing on my breathing. Very quickly I saw a vision (in my head) of a woman in a car talking to someone in the backseat. She slowly turned her head back towards the windshield and got a look of horror on her face. I assumed car crash. Immediately after, I saw (again in my head) a vision of a blonde lady sitting at a desk. She stood up. That was it. Both ladies looked like they were from other decades. The car lady had a 70's hairstyle and she was not wearing a seat belt. The seats were also the bench seats not the individual ones that we have now. The blonde lady had a hairstyle right out of the 80's. Big bangs, frizzy over-processed hair.

I asked what there names were and before I could get the entire thought out I heard "Sarah" "Dawn" (again in my head).

Today, I was in my kitchen cooking while my kids were upstairs playing. Behind me, I heard kid-like footsteps (pitter patter) in the hallway. I was surprised one of them came down but didn't think too much about it until they both came downstairs together a few minutes later. It couldn't have been them.

A few minutes later, I hear a voice say "Hi Brynn" (my daughters name). I assumed it was her sister, however it didn't sound like her. More like a 10 year old. Brynn said something and I went in the room and she was by herself. I asked her who she was talking to and she said no one. Before I could dismiss it she said "Someone said Hi Brynn" I checked and her sister was upstairs watching TV.

Any insight would be great. Not fearful, just curious. For information my kids are 4 year old twins.

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
Hello sarahdawn,
It sounds to me like spirits are around you. They seem friendly from your story. You may be able to make contact with them. Some stay together like family and it sounds like there is at least one child around you. Unless you feel threatened, there is nothing to fear from them.I'm glad you have none! If you wish to speak with them, try doing so mentally. You will know when you make contact because you will feel the essence of him or her and a voice in your head like the one you heard before may respond to you.
Occasionally, visions can come to you during meditation, especially if you are thinking of a particular question or topic. You may have witnessed significant memories of the ghost or ghosts around you.
I wish your family health and happiness,

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