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What Is My Daughter Seeing?


I seem to have developed my psychic abilities after I gave birth to my twin daughters. Example when I first meet someone I see flashes of past things that they have done and feel if they are good or bad. It's more like a sense. I think I have this gift because of my daughter's. I sense when there not feeling good or I"'ll decide when I'm at the store that I need to buy advil for no apparent reason. My daughter has seen a person that looks like me outside but it wasn't me because I was driving my daughter to her hockey class. She said when she got this feeling she was about to open the front door but instead she got this overwelming feeling to lock the door and run upstairs to look out the window and no one was there. I also have experienced seeing two younger boys dressed nicely and ring my doorbell then I got this awful frightening feeling to lock my door and run upstairs when I looked outside no one was there, I even asked neighbors if anyone came to there front door and everyone said no. My daughter's were upstairs playing in there room when both of them got this feeling to look outside they both saw this very tall black shadow wearing a hat and waving back but they couldn't see a face, at the same time they saw this I got a flash of this black creature flying as fast as it could to try to go inside from the windows that my girls were looking at in my vision I quickly closed the window and my daughter's did too. Not to long ago me and my kids were walking in the woods and I felt something rush by me and me and my daughter both heard a panting sound like there was a dog near us, it wasn't a scary feeling but it does make me wonder what is going on. Anytime I'm outside I feel like I'm being watched and this thing is ready to attack.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-11)
Hi ShizNizLiz40,

Black shadowy figures is something you want to say away from. They are from the dark side. You may wonder why you and your daughters see these beings. They always try to cause havoc in any way they can, both spiritually and physically. Even for the most evolved human being, they can come around. I can understand if you are scared seeing those dark shadows. I don't see them very often myself, perhaps once a year. What you should keep in mind is that you can learn how to develop a defense against these beings of darkness and with that you will not only be able to control these situation, but even more (with proper practice) you can ward them off. The Divine Light is stronger than any dark force in the universe. You just need to learn how to harness that Divine power.

I hope that helps a little.


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