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Hearing Voices


I had a off experience last night, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Last night I was laying down, and felt like I was awake but paralyzed. I started hearing what sounded like robotic voices in my right ear. At first it sounded like hundreds of them talking at once. I tried saying stop, but I couldn't speak. I tried opening my eyes but they would immediately close. I distinctly remember trying to turn my head in to the pillow to scream, but couldn't get it out.

I only had two phrases stick out clearly. I heard "Hey A**hole" and "cut me last". I also heard what sounded like a heart monitor beeping behind them. Almost like when you're in the hospital.

I have never had something like this happen. When I woke up completely I heard a knocking sound. This also could have been the neighbors moving something. I have had experiences before with clairvoyance, but never like this. I have also been told by a psychic that I do posses abilities.

The phrase "cut me last" really stuck with me. The voice that said it seemed to be very dominant. The hospital monitor sound chilled me. It really spooked me. I feel like I'm crazy trying to explain this.

I also notice I am surrounded by bats. Every time I go outside I see one. There was also one in my house the other week. I don't know if that has any significance. I know bats can symbolize rebirth or death. They definitely have been standing out to me.

I guess what I want to know is, what was this? Any clarification would be very helpful.

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