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A Strange Dream


This dream I had a little over a year ago, it was in the middle of the day I was pretty tired and its around the time I go to bed at the time I had a bad sleeping pattern. So I went to go lay down for a second wasn't even intending to go to sleep, and I'm not sure if I shut my eyes or not. But when I laid down about 10 seconds passed not even that. Then saw this black feather just laying in front of my face on my bed, and for some reason I thought of Lucifer right away... It was as if he was asking if I wanted to sell my soul. So I said yes thinking this was not real, right after I said yes this huge pressure came over my body (not physical pressure), after the pressure I saw the entire sky had these pitch black clouds engulfing the sky making its way towards me. The second after I saw those clouds I started to scream in my head "no no no no" like I couldn't speak or move, then all the clouds disappeared along with the feather. I then stood up right away wondering if that was a dream I just had or if it really happened. I couldn't tell if it was a dream for the fact that I had just laid down and don't even remember shutting my eyes. Also I have insomnia I've never fallen asleep in a matter of a few seconds. So it was a very strange experience.

I've had this other dream months after the one I just told. I was just laying in a bed, and I was in this unknown house and I could see the whole house in my mind. The bottom floor in the kitchen all the cabinets started opening and closing like crazy along with the doors as if a huge wind came into the house, then the rest of the house started doing the same thing but with the windows were opening and closing over and over again. Then I felt this "presence" of something coming towards me. In the room I was in the window doors opened violently and this "presence" came in very quickly and got on top of me and pressed me into the bed as if a 250 pound man was laying on top of me then this "presence" started to whisper in my ear, after that I grinned for some reason then he left the room very quickly and every door in the house shut and I woke up as he left. Also he was speaking in some unknown language that I've never heard before almost sounded ancient. But it didn't seam as if it was coming to hurt me or do any kind of harm to me but at the same time it felt sinister. This dream felt extremely real.

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gt56 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
i dream some nights others I don't the craziest dream I ever had was just I weird the was I purple dire wolf with bright yellow eyes on a hill top letting out horrifying howls that raised the dead and the wolf had some white mist around it. Any body have a clue what that was?
winterwolf (15 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-16)
The same thing happens to me but I dreamed that my bed was on fire I jump out of my bed in real life and in the morning in the morning a house was on fire in the middle of the night in my naborhood
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-14)
Whos Lucifer but with the man he could have been spiking in tounge and if he wighed that much could he be the presence that happened with the feather dream

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