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My Experiences And Doubts


I'm a Hispanic male 31 years old raised in Texas and ever since I was young, I've had this feeling that there was more to this world than what we're told. I always believed the possibility of ghosts and the supernatural, I can't say I've always been a fan of the supernatural, was raised in a strict catholic household, everything that was paranormal or obscure in nature such as psychics, witchcraft was the devils work according to my mother which is my I never talked to any of my family members about my experiences with the paranormal.

My experiences range throughout my life, since I was a kid, I remember I would get this "bad feeling" from time to time, I would feeling there was something wrong, I couldn't explain what it was or why I would get it, but most of the time something bad would happened. When I was young the feeling would just scared me at times, but as I got older I learned to deal it, it became somewhat accurate, to the point some of my friends would joke around asking me to give them a heads up to be cautious if I had one of those feelings. On one occasion, it happened while I was at work. I was around 18 and worked at this restaurant that had banquet rooms, room for special events, on that one day we were setting up a room for a wedding reception. Suddenly I got one of these "feelings", but this time was different, it gradually became stronger to the point it was making sick, it had never been that strong, even my coworkers noticed I was acting weird. I told them about what I felt and of course they made jokes and laugh and made fun of me, you know in a joking type of way. The feeling became so strong that I went to ask my supervisor if I could go home, he was aware of my "bad feeling"thanks to my gossip coworkers, by this time the banquet room had all the guests sitting (about 150) and were waiting for the bride and groom to enter the room and walk to the head table. My boss said fine but to first help my coworkers to serve iced tea (we would serve iced tea or water to the guests) as soon as the bride and groom sat down. Once they sat at the head table, we went in and started serving drinks, then I heard a loud noise behind me, like something falling on top of the dance floor and suddenly the entire ceiling collapsed right above the dance floor area, where the bride and groom had just walked by minutes before. Of course by this time all of my coworkers in the room were looking at me, they were shocked and claimed I knew that was going to happen, which I didn't, I just had that bad feeling. The feeling became different and in the last two years, I've learned to understand better, its like something is off, like the energy around me feels is not the way is suppose to be, I still don't know what it means or how it works, but it just happens from time to time, it is something that randomly happens and I cannot control.

I also had a dream about my grandfathers dead, it happened two weeks later, but the wrong grandfather. Something else I was always able to feel what people were feeling, in 8th grade, I remember asking a girl why she was so sad, she looked at me mad and said she wasn't sad, I told her she was sad and I could feel it, then began to cry and told me why she was sad. So to say I'm good at reading people, but sometimes is much of a problem because I can feel them too much and it makes things uncomfortable at times.

Something else that would happen to me from a young age was from time to time was seeing something move really fast out of the corner of my eye, most of the time it was black like a shadow, this happens mostly when I'm alone and still happens still to this date, at home, at work, its not something i'm afraid of. Sometimes I would sleep on my older sisters bed, one occasion I remember her walking me up terrified, she pointed to the corner of the room and saw a man floating, wearing a trench coat and a hat, I could not see his face, my sister pulled the cover over us and she began to pray, after a few minutes we looked again and it was gone, no this wasn't a dream because even to this date we still talk about it. A few years later we move to another house, at that house that same sister had something bad happened to her, on two consecutive nights, she found herself walking up in the middle of the night, she was not being able to move and felt something was on top of her and touching her, on the second night of this happening, she claimed she heard my grandmother voice and told my sister to pray as she used to, by this time she was around 17 and had been hanging out with the wrong crowd, but she claimed as soon as she started praying, that stopped, was able to move again and didn't happen again, this experience disturbed her so much she changed her ways and join a church group and began going to church regularly again. On that same house I would hear weird sounds on the back yard, sometimes they would keep me up at night, my aunt told me the neighbors said there was a demon on the loose on the streets at night, I just felt she said that to scary since she was mean, but it always made me wonder if that what the sounds were. On another occasion in that same house, my family was seating playing a board game on the dinning room table, I was sitting on the couch, suddenly I saw a shadow walk by the front door window, it made wonder who it was, then the shadow moved through the dinning room window, my first thought was who's that walking outside the window since all I could see was a shadow, I figure because of the drapes that's all I was able to see and also that no one else had notice, but they were playing the board game, keep in mind this happening in seconds, but to my horror it moved through the window to the wall behind the dinning room table, it was a huge shadow against the all, when it moved through the window was a persons thickness, but when it got to the wall, it became a huge figure, I get chills remembering this, at that moment my mom looked at me and said what's wrong, looks like you've seen a ghost, then I pointed towards the wall next to them, my mom and everyone on the table (step dad, 2 of my sisters) and my turned their attention to the wall and gasp in horror, my step dad jumped out of his chair since he was the closest to the wall, my mom screamed what in heavens name is that and started praying. It stood there for several seconds, closer to a minute, then it moved sideways a couple of times and then, it moved back the way it came from, this time I noticed it hugged the wall all the way to the front door where I first noticed it, keep in mind this was a flat shadow on the wall, not a 3Dimensional being, but it had a shape and was big in size.

Growing up religion never appealed to me, I was raised catholic but was always curious about what else was out there. I was always interest in the mystic and paranormal, wonder if it was really real or stuff people made up, I imagine there was people out there who really had abilities but most of them were fake, wonder why if it was real why wasn't more known to everyone, if people can really do it, why people refuse to believe it, can anyone do it or you have to be born with it? If you're born with it, can you train it to make it stronger and what's the limit? Always had this questions, as a teenager I tried dabbling with magic and became practicing Wicca, ceremonies, spells which more than a couple worked, but did they really worked or were just a coincidence, I eventually lost interest and quit practicing. About 6 years ago I started practicing Buddhism and meditation on a ongoing basis. Two years ago I became single and had a lot of free time in my hands, I had decided to be on my own for a while and focus on myself. I became fit from being severely overweight, my confidence went up and decided there was more thing I wanted to work on. By this time I had noticed I was different, always been curious about the what's out there but had never had dedicated to spend time devoted to it, focus on it and begin believing in it, so I put the doubts aside and move forward. I increase my meditation times, I read about opening your chakras and especially open the third eye, I began somewhat sensing energy and seeing it, I see if I clear mind, its like a layer on top of everything, vibrating, like the air around me and everything vibrates. I began training on seeing auras, I'm good at seeing the layer closes to the skin, its like a clear field about an inch away from the skin, I see this on people, animals and things, lately its been getting bigger, color wise, I've only been able to see it about 4 times, one time I put my hand against a white wall, cooping my hand and seeing the a turquoise color reflecting on the wall, another one on my white dog, and two other times, this is not something I can easily do. On one occasion, an old friend invited me to a church service, I decided to go, everyone was really nice, this was a pentecostal church, around mid service, people got up and prayed and sang, I noticed this one lady who was really deep into praying and even crying, I saw her aura, it huge and golden, I keep an eye on her to make sure it just wasn't the lighting, throughout her service her aura was visible to me, this was the first time I had been able to see the aura so easily.

Around the time I open my third eye, other stuff began happening, more disturbing stuff, for a while I was in contact with a being, it communicated with me, somehow I wasn't scared, I was more interested than anything and he found that incredible, he said I was different from other humans and he was curious about me, about what I was, I asked him and he said I was special, I could do special things, but was too weak. I asked him to show himself to me, he said he couldn't, he said my mind could not be able to comprehend his appearance, he wasn't humanoid in shape and my mind would not be able to handle it. He said he was a being from a lower realm, he spoke through me, not in my head, on several occasions I asked him to give me proof it and it did, it move something through me, he said he had to use my energy to make it happen. Other time, I asked him for proof again and it showed against the my window. It was night and I had the light curtain in my room, my lights off and the light outside in the back yard were on, so I could see outside clearly, when it happened, it appeared as the silhouette between the curtain and the glass, I could not see it with my eyes but I knew it was there, at that moment my dog who sleeps in my room growled against that direction really viciously. Even though I had experience this with this being, I still wonder if it was real and not some figment of my imagination or a second personality I had created somehow, as you can see, regardless of everything I've experience throughout my life, I still find myself skeptical about all of this, and that being said so too, he said as long as I have that doubt in my mind, I will never be able to move to the next level because doubt its preventing from moving on. This experience of the last two years changed me a lot, the way I see life is different, the way I feel things is different. I eventually asked the entity to leave and it did. In December I decided to quit moving this way, quit with all of what I had worked on the last two years, I felt it was taking too much of my time, but also made me wonder if this was all fake and I was just simply crazy, which is something I've noticed on some of the other experiences I've read on this site, people doubting their sanity, why is this? Why aren't people who have abilities more known, except of those scripted TV shows which I'm inclined to believe they're fake, well most of then, maybe because I've never met someone or even talk to someone who is like that. I guess my brain is so stubborn that still wants proof, see it to believe it. Over the last two years I've done a lot of reading on different subjects, from physics to paranormal,aliens, demons, psychics, I like to be well informed. So my question is, why regardless of everything I've experienced I still have this much doubt about everything, why I refused to believe it completely, my experience is 100% real. I welcome any comments and any help, thank you.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-15)
Oh the noise I heard was a demon so I wanted to post that. But the vibes I don't know how to control them thier like a warning and with the lower realm that's wierd a lower realm just means they don't have enough energy (spiritual) so that's why hr needed your energy
Asaell (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-15)
oh and about the realm, it didn't say, I just remember it saying it was from a lower realm
Asaell (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-15)
No, the sound coming from the backyard wasn't like that. It was loud and wild, its really hard to explain, what are the low pitched noise with static ring to it? I hear those often, I always thought were just my ears popping. About the vibes, is there a way to learn to control them? Like I said in my story, they just happen randomly. Thanks for the input
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-14)
With the noise in the back yard was it a low piched noise with a static ring to it
And what lower realm does it mean by that (do you know the realm it is)
With the man I seen a guy in a hood that always looks at me it doent seem sinister (some people on this site say its evilish like)
And the bad feelings are called vibes it comes in handy

Gos bless you

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