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Fine Tuning And Self Doubt


I'm not going to bore everyone with the "it all started when I was little" story lol. I have not had an easy going last couple years and its been my own personal hell. But. I am in a different spot in my life now. I started having problems sleeping and felt like I was "seeing" things. I didn't see them with my physical eyes but could see them in what I have now found out to be my minds eye. I went to a medium and had a reading. She enlightened me on a lot, but I also found myself leaving with a lot more questions than I went in with. She (among others) told me that I have a gift. A healing gift for sure and very possibly a medium gift. I have been trying to come to terms with this. I was brought up in a Baptist home. At first I felt like this was a slight against God for some reason. But the more I looked into this I realized that this gift was not malicious. There was no harm in what I might have. Its been difficult finding many people to talk to this about cause there is such a stigma that goes along with it. People automatically think you're crazy and want you locked up. So my support circle is very very small. Books have been an even bigger obstacle. I have been told about my spirit guide, but have not made contact with them, yet. I have set rules for them. So i'm not sure if my rules are too out of the way for them or not. I tried to make them simple. Rule 1) I don't want to physically see anything right now (not until I'm comfortable). Rule 2) If my spirit guide is trying to contact me that I ask for the aroma of vanilla or like sugar cookies. Since this isn't a smell that I buy in candles and I don't bake (lol) I assumed it should be a easy smell for the spirit guide to replicate for me. Mediation has also become a weekly habit of mine. But I still have self doubt. I'm not sure where to take the next steps. There are days that I'm not "in tune". And at night things seem to be more active. Then I was told something about the Akashic Record (not sure on the spelling) and that I was taped into that. I'm not sure.

Sooo, email, comment, anything would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

<3 MissPolkaDotty <3

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polkadotty007 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-22)
[at] Lyro, thank you. I really didn't think anyone would respond to me... I could see a lot of eyes rolling. I did notice since "settting rules" activity has slowed way down. So I hope I didn't scare them off.
[at] RJeffrey... Patience has been my number one thing. I had a person tell me that this won't develop that quickly, but since I turned 25 things have picked up so fast.

[to any] I'm not sure how to tune in and tune out. Days go by and nothing happens and then there will be a couple days where things are none stop. I'm not bothered by it. Just very curious.
Im just really glad I'm not the only person and maybe I can find a teacher on here to help me out with this.
Miss Polky Dotty
Lyro (468 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-21)
[at] Miss Polky, Well what exactly do you want to know? And btw, I'll just say, spirits can be stubborn at times, and even though you set "rules" they don't have to follow them, and if they see fit that it's better to do something different, they will do it that way. So don't expect them to follow everything. And yes, sometimes it's hard to find people that will listen, and you for sure don't want to talk to a whole bunch of random people about it, it causes so much drama, and sometimes it's hard to make people believe or trust you. The first thing they always say will be well prove it. And some things you just can't understand unless you're a part of it, and a lot of people just aren't ready to be opened up to this kind of world, they just can't handle it. And some just never want to know anything about it, or won't believe it. The first thing to remember though is that you're not alone, there are tons of people out there, and even though it may be hard starting off, you can always find people like you somewhere. More than likely there's someone who is "different" on your street itself. Just in a way, hiding in plain sight like the rest of us.

[at] RJeffrey, you interested me with the prophet stuff and everything, can you e-mail me, I'd like to talk to you more.
RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-21)
I'm so amazed that you set rules for your spirit guide. I never thought to do anything until they made it obvious that I'm supposed to know about them at this time of my life. Remember, they can see everything on a more enlightened plane of existence then we normally can sense as humans. They listen (Yes!) to your wishes, ways of thinking, ideals, however, they also have things they want you to do. Always remain open that they communicate in SO many different ways. For example, I do not meditate, use candles, chant, or anything (I'm just a prophet so...) They just talk to me and are "part of everything" At times they kind of lift an invisible curtain and I literally see what they're doing all around me, but I kind of hyperventilate so they take it easy on me so I don't constantly feel out of it. Last thing: Patience. I had given up on anything exciting happening to me this life, when Surprise, I'm not down here alone, not by a far shot! Be patient, (even if I just can't stand waiting one has to sometimes). And Peace!

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