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I Think My Third Eye Opened By It's Self


Im almost 14. I think my third eye opened by it's self. One of my earliest memory's is me lying in a crib looking up at the dark roof of my room, and seeing shadow figures but they where moving around there where 3 of them. One looked happy, one looked sad and the last one looked evil. All I can remember is crying. I asked my mum on this matter by saying "did I ever do anything weird as a baby" and she told me one night when my sister and I were sleeping apparently I woke up and started crying. When my mum came into my room (I was 2) my arms were stretched out to the roof and I was screaming. After my mum took me out of the room and down stairs I stopped and it wasn't a simple 'she just wanted to be picked up,no' I wouldn't stop until we were far from my room. After that I use to sleep with my parents until I was around 8 or 9 but even when I slept with them I refused to sleep on the edge or look at the roof. Then when I was 5 we moved house because I fire happened in our old street and killed my brothers friends and he couldn't deal with it (I don't blame him) but one of the nights I was sleeping with my sister my room door was open cause I was afraid of the dark (still am) and I woke up and looked towards the door, I saw a very small figure it was kind of chubby kind of like a elf but a bit bigger, it was walking towards my sister and me, I started frantically shaking her eventually she woke up to me crying she asked what was wrong, I said there's someone in the room, I was only 5 so my sister was kind of freaked out, she looked around but no one was there and the door was closed ever so slightly. Fast forward a few years later when I'm 10. I am going to the dentist the next day and I can't sleep its around I don't know I think 1am or something? My sisters sleeping so I get up to use the bathroom as I'm coming back into the room I notice something on the wall. A shadow but its not my shadow and it looks like a persons body just all black it was a female I could tell. At this point I'm sitting in my bed staring at it, I couldn't see its face I thought my mind was playing up since I didn't get much sleep so I just lay down and rolled over, I played with my phone for a while and looked up it was still there. All I remember is waving my arm to see if it was my shadow it didn't move. Then when I was 12 I saw the shadow again but this time. I was alone. I woke up in the middle of the night after a weird dream I roll over to get comfy but just as I turn around there's a shadow standing in front of my wardrobe and my wardrobe is just a shuffle away so you can imagine how close it was. I was frozen on the spot I just kept staring at it and it kept staring at me I rolled over to face the other side and rolled back again hoping I was imaging things but when I rolled back. It was crouched down in front of me looking right into my face. I blanked out after that and when I woke up the next day my wardrobe was open slightly. I'm asking about this now because its been happening more frequently. Just last week I woke up more early when I usually do and the light was streaming through my blinds and when I looked around my room I saw a female. Hanging from my roof see was see through but I could still see her clearly she was a bit blurry since I just woke up but I could see what she was wearing but not her face. I know I have dreams that tell the future some times. My auntie had it so it kind of past on to me. But around 2 days ago I was sitting in maths class when I suddenly blanked out and started seeing flashes not like white flashes but flashes of things in real life, like I saw a car with lights on, a scissors and that's all I remember but I remember being shook up after this. I also see things in the corner of my eye some times and I once saw someone on the side of the road but when we got closer he vanished. I was in a near death accident when I was around 7 or 8 and that's when all this started happen more often. I wouldn't mind having the third eye. But I don't know what's happening please help!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-28)
It is very important as a teenager to be aware practically you are coming into your own.
This just means physically and practically you are opening.

Most people do not pass out.
A rare few can. This can be due to ungrounded. When folk are ungrounded they can be overwhelmed.
The room spins they can become nausea and everything goes hazy as if the room is closing in on oneself. Yes you can black out.
My husband felt that way in an assembly. The audience was hungry for spiritual answers and any sensitive can feel the them pulling on their own energy which drains the sensitive.

But if you find this happening often see your GP it could be medical issue.

Hope this helps

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