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Could I Be Developing New Abilities?


I was looking up signs that someone could be an empath and I saw some of the signs that I agree with. Some of these were me having to have alone time and being very creative. Some were more personal such as having a feel to each day of the week, season and sometimes months and having lower back problems. When I was younger and even now I have always been a very emotional person.

I also have gained a distaste for people touching me. I feel hot and like I'm about to throw up. It isn't like the person is on top of me they could have their hand on me and it makes me highly uncomfortable. It can be family or friends and I still hate it when they touch me. I haven't always had this by the way, I've only just started disliking touch.

Another strange thing I've been able to do is temporarily take pain away from my body. I can't always do it, and have to touch the area of pain for it to go away, but I've noticed if I have a headache it is sucked away when I focus and put my hand to it. However, when I take my hand away, the pain slowly comes back and I have to return my hand. Am I healing myself, or just taking the pain away? Could it just be a figment of my imagination?

I've been jinxing people for a while now. I'll say the same thing as them over and over again, until it isn't just a funny coincidence anymore. It happened for three weeks in a row and it hasn't happened since then. This could also be a coincidence but I just want an educated guess on what could be going on.

I just want some answers to some questions I have. Thanks! Have a great day!

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