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My Inner Spirit And Life's Description


I'm Throwing it out there for you all again of what I deal with so you know others have dealt with it too.

In my dreams my twin and other angels appear usually as regular people, generally as how I or the world around me interprets things based upon their senses so as to make it easier for me to describe them in ways others including me can understand. In 2012 my twin decided to describe to me a prior (current) life (?) in a spiritual way maybe? You tell me.

SO, you should know I have a darker complexion and am more than thirty years of age, to start. I'm confused as to whether this is a story or it actually happened, or will happen in a future life. No record of it exists online, so (my imagination) maybe it's a similar world such as this one, or does it reference hidden similar-like events in my future or life, or biblical, or... Goes on and on. It doesn't fit my life but nonetheless they showed it to me and discussed to with me, it's all so mysterious.

They told me I was born in Guspini, Sicily (of Italy) and showed me where I lived- two story home on MARGOTTI #2 (house and address)

They said I was born on March 25, 1987. I was an Italian-Greek kid that did not look like anyone else on the island. I was about (full grown) 5'7" white male- long black hair, dark brown eyes, skinny.

I had a "bald" father and a mother and a brother. At age "8" I was in an "accident" and went to the hospital. When I woke up "I had amnesia and didn't recognize my family" I was belligerent. The accident left a lightning bolt shaped scar on the right side of my head above the ear and this is why I kept my hair long. (Yes they were very descriptive, even more than what I'm sharing)

My family gave me up for adoption since my whole personality had changed due to the accident, so another family on the island adopted me. This was a black family with a son named Joey (my spiritual twins name is Joey) This family accepted me regardless and their son and me became the best of friends.

At one point I realized I was psychic and me and Joey had fun with my talents. We attended local school up until this point, where one day when (I was alone) walking home (age 12) I was abducted by some guy and kept in a "cage" for three years. (This is a kidnapping and I don't remember being kidnapped so It must mean something less obvious, and yet still obvious.)

He abused me and kept me in squalor for those three years and I ost all hope. During this time I found God and regained hope.

One day, while the guy was away from the house, I was able to escape from the cage, sneak through the house and ultimately escape altogether. (The story doesn't mention me calling the police or anything like that so...) I ran into the "forest" and lived there.

Since it had been three years since I'd seen my foster family and I went looking for them. I couldn't find them and ended up feeling like they thought I'd run out on them I was too embarrassed to ask for help from others so I became "homeless." I hadn't gone to school for a long time so.

Since (at age 15) I was still very scrawny and looked different from those around me, others in the forest would beat me up and do other unscrupulous things unto me. "I was a fast runner and that would save me but my sarcastic and arrogant talk would get me in trouble" Since I always tried to fight back but couldn't would cause a lot of scrapes and bruises. In short, I was poor and had a dismal life in the forest. I realized that I "knew the rules to the universe and spent time writing these things down on paper for fun." I kept a backpack with me with all my stuff (like toothbrush, paper, clothing, blah...)

I was very healthy and spent time walking/traveling around the island and exploring and seeing nature and cool stuff.

One day in was walking in a neighborhood I saw my best friend Joey! From that point he led me back to his new home and we never separated again. I moved back in with him.

So now the story shows that I had lots of fun as a kid, went to clubs and parties, liked punk rock concerts (hmm) and did other amazing things concerning my psychic powers.

At age 25 (September 1, 2012) I was outside a club (the vision was so real!) It was night, kind of cool and calm wind (yeah, in a vision, the city street looked ancient, white stucco walled buildings.) Me and Joey stood outside chilling and I seen someone getting robbed. Due to my past life experiences I sprang into action and defended the person. In the altercation that followed I was shot, and my best friend Joey was shot trying to protect me. "So my life ended in a gunshot while I was protecting an innocent."

So this story- I have ideas as to what it all means but I have more than one idea since I (hope) presume I'm an open thinker. DO any of you have mysterious dream/vision/story given to you by those (lol) that you can't see? Let me know what you deal with PLEASE!

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ShadowFallsXO (4 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-07)
Hi, I see you haven't been on in a while. But if you come back I would really like to know the connection you have with the chameleon stuff, thanks!
Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-10-22)
Dreams are something else, usually always representative of some things going on in your life... I will take a gander at yours.

The cage in the forest represents something that tries to lock you up and cause you pain, sort of like jail to something you are doing in your life. The matter about you escaping is good because somehow you watched for a better outlet to occur and took it.

When we get shot in our dreams usually it means either we are divulging too much information about spirit or we could be ill-thinking towards another ridding them out of our lives altogether... Did spirit try to keep you from having someone in your life close to you?

And in your dreams, descending stairs usually means a spiritual descent in daily life, instead of climbing up the stairs to heavenly life, for some reason you had a descent... If you just review what is going on in your life, you may realize what needs to be addressed.

And you may actually had dream vision of someone else's life that 'joey' was close to so he may have allowed you to experience that with him to feel how much he liked that person and may want to share that person's energy with you.

And some things that you are not aware of when you awake, sort of hidden, may be future occurrences set in place like deja vu that will later become a reality and you will remember how you handled them in your dream state to apply to daily life.

Peace out

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