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What My Twin And Other Spirits Have Taught Me


To start, I am open to interpretation and to hear what you think and what you think of my post.

For openers, I have a spiritual twin named Joey that assists me in writing and everyday life. For me, this is normal, although I feel somewhat not normal. The spirits, especially my "Dad" tell me I'm a prophet, that's what I do this life, so share what we tell you and Thank you. Yes, they are nice to me.

What do you think?

They taught me that all of us have a twin, and I guess an inner part that is of peace. At times we may spread out in multiples or converge into one. They treat me like a young kid (show me what I look like in dreams too) and explain things (also biblical) in ways today's humans can understand. (They told me this) Mystery still surrounds what they tell me and what goes on all around me. I'm perplexed. I wrote this all down in 2012 when they told me. I was truly amazed then, felt like "how is this conversation possible?"

NUMBERS- I'm still trying to figure to see what this all means, insight please! I also use it to read the Bible to see what it all means, and I decipher my dreams.

Gave me an easy Rhyme to remember:

ONE - We are ALL One

TWO - We are Two of a KIND

THREE - We do things in Three's



SIX - SIX is mischievous/ religious/ MIX


EIGHT - EIGHT is Great / Mate

NINE - Is Divine

They also mentioned that I should be excited that I was born February 15- that this is very important. They also mentioned that "I won the Lottery." Must not be talking about actual cash cause I seem to always be low income. Sucks!

PRIMARY COLORS: "Two sides to every coin:"

When I was four years old I knew my favorite color was RED...

I'm a pretty peaceful dude, at least on the outside, ha...








SILVER -- they speak of a "silver lining" that makes even the worst events seem positive upon realization of why they occurred. My life is currently in the "Heavy thunderstorm overhead with rain and lightning so I don't quite see what they're talking about. They say I will, so I just barely hold onto hope and remain as positive as possible...

GOLD -- A heart of gold, I guess golds qualifies as quality (great electrically, refinement, tarnish proof, full outer electron count, yeah I'm smart don't pick on me...) Gold is known to humans as coveted and valuable.

I should note that I am multiracial and have no negative views toward anyone. I would be lonely and uneducated (mentally) if I hadn't grown up around a healthy mix of different backgrounds of people. That being said...

WHO I AM - What they say I represent (I don't know guys...sigh)


ITALIAN -- For The CROSS (Protection all around you)

GREEK -- For the GODS


They gave me stories on the Cherokee and Hebrew and Chinese and (I'll stop here) for reasons I'll mention another time!

They told me these were of me but I think they were mentioning something positive about the world in general...


They always mention that I should go North, that things are better there. I guess that heaven, but they mention that since I am a prophet, I must go Northeast. In the Bible East means strife (They joked with me in a dream about: since I'm a king I will have strife) All this is very disconcerting for a simple human such as I, very stressful to think about as I have lots of issues to deal with so far in life.

Television: They used TV's in my dream as an example of looking through our human eyes as akin to looking at a TV. Tell you more later.

One last thing: Reins, suck as what a horse would sport. They say they hold my reins. They told me that I'm used to it and that I should read more about it in the Bible (Jeremiah and I read it) It did mention that and much, much, more, that I deal with today.

That's it for now. I'm still in "school" anyway on all this and I learn more every second. I write down what they tell me to write down because who can remember all this stuff they tell me (how I look at it). I may be a regular dude, normal in other respects (wish I had less anxiety), but I have to tell you what I know to help all of you. I hope that some of you will also give me advice as I truly listen and am very open, in this field, how can you not be? This is how I decipher my dreams, I have overwhelming amounts more to tell you. Hope this helps! Tell me what you think!

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Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-01)
Oh and you asked me about my spirit guide... Whew when it all began who knows, all I can really say is that I have felt it all my life and intensely more at other times. I keep much to myself of the relationship energy, I hope you understand, only because I trust it should be that way.

Happy New Year 😆 ❤ 😆
Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-01)
Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for all your posts. Here, too, in the matter that I didn't mention I am a prophet. It helps to remember that there is always a good solution that rests in a gathering of change for the better... I believe in that and have ever since I was young. I am in my 40's with a birthday coming for me this Sunday where my hopes are very intense to be enveloped in a wondered amazement of new spiritual behaviors. Many things happen around our psychical birthdays, remember that for the future.

Love is our answer... Its like this if someone did a heinous act and knew the secret of what they had done but that mostly they would be persecuted and hated by others... We must be that flip side person, the one that sits alongside with them nurturing them to feel wit their heart compassionately giving a beautiful gift to divulge their secret so that peace and answers to questions are resolved... Therein the energy calms and we are all loved. I experienced this particularly and in so many ways all my life. Where love is, God's presence is and all is solved in a better manner.
RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-23)
Thank you for your view on this Joni, one thing I know is that the spirits I speak to are always telling me to be positive, but they distinctly point out that will joke around and not to take having a good time the wrong way. They know I over complicate what they tell me and so they told me early on they will "take it easy on me." By school I have always gone through life like it is a wonder to behold and that there is always something to learn and experience. This is what they mean by "You're in school Jeffrey." At least that is the sense I get when I was kind of awakened. I really didn't pay attention until about 2012. I am happy to have learned many more things since then from them and remain resolute that whatever is happening to me (and everyone else) is already set for a positive and exciting happy completion of... (we'll see)
Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-10-22)
This is so primary basic stuff, actually no interesting at all, just sort of mind bending. The fact of the matter is Jeffrey being a prophet is one that helps guide the world to better in every day life. I would hope they would teach you that and only that... Not jibberish. It is wise to think how our hearts can change outcomes, and that is what they should focus on teaching you, and only that... That goodness can change the outcome of things.

You should be able to read auras, the colors that actually reflect the moods of others and remedies on how to take the ill affects away from others and rid the energy altogether so as not to be sucked up by some other wandering soul/person.

Try to ask for certain things and believe you are entitled to them because it is from the heart they should listen for you are becoming the 'I Am' that you would want to be. Please try not to allow these moments to be wasted moments on frivolities of so called 'school'. The life of 'school' is in a really delicate balance and feeling from the heart of gold in purity no matter what others are doing is worth every ounce of breath or every character we can possibly type to express the importance to others.

I shush the negative when they come in because somehow whoever created the program of response, it needs a serious overhaul. I still can't fathom why spirit would not allow people in our lives or even to talk to them, when spirit knows full well they have the powers that be to deal with everything and I mean everything.

For example, a person can be in a conversation and you might feel annoyed about their babbling, all of a sudden, that person will become dizzy and lose their train of thought. That person is not on the peace frequency of the other person, that is when peace begins to reside in all.

Another example, if spirit ever says for something nasty to happen to someone, speak against it, do not allow spirit to harm a soul, pray for them instead and even speak it into matter for a better outcome.

Jeffrey, fight for life, strive for love, maintain the peace that you have come to know, and always always know you are in the driver's seat and what we do becomes a reflection of what we become so it is always wise to play nice in all aspects.

Namaste (may the light in me, honor the light in you)

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