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This story is of a dream I had in 2012 after my psychic seer knowledge was awakened. It shows me and my twin within a "house" translates out to my physical body, and shows our life together up until age 35. It also shows what I used to look like, as that was my question before falling asleep that night.

In my dream I am in my bedroom where I currently stay, but the bedroom is different. There are no windows but the room is well lit. Light blue color to the walls. Two twin beds situated across from one another. Square tile floor.

Joey sat quietly across from me. I also sat on my bed. Our Father came and visited us early in the dream and we spoke to him, and he departed for a few hours (yes my dreams are very long and intense)

We sat quietly and I waited for other visitors. (I think) some other friends/ family came and looked on but I kept waiting (Thirty five years is represented in the passing time in the dream)

Then Joey and I agreed to go outside. It was early in the morning, very sunny, and we stood on my porch (rectangular long porch.) He stood at the center, I stood at his right.

He said "So, do you like me?" (start of my major experiences in life)

I acted surprised, like I didn't know we were supposed to talk to one another (I'm shy by the way) I responded with "Yes I like you" and other pleasing words. His appearance: 12 years old, slim, white kid, blondish hair simple haircut, light brown eyes which had an almond shape to them and his eyes looked like they themselves were laughing. He wore a blue T-shirt and dark blue shorts and was smiling and looked excited to see me. He approached me and came very close to my face so I could clearly see his eyes, (like 2 inches away) turned around so I could see all of him (he had a light blond tail as part of his haircut that curled in the shape of a J)

I looked in the nearby window towards the inside of my residence and seen an image of my father and mother standing together. I was slightly worried and confused and asked "What about them?" Joey responded happily "Don't worry about them!"

He then put his hands (guidance through life-my future) around my waist to show he was guiding me and walked me down the stairs leading off of my patio and spoke of all the wonderful things we would be doing. (That part of my future was specific so it was hidden from me upon awakening, I'm assuming to keep me surprised as to what is coming up in my life)

When I woke up my twin reminded me that (I my dream) he had appeared as I used to look (since he is also me that is possible- he can appear as him or me and I the same, I guess.) This is one of hundreds of dreams (and visions and events) that I remember and have written down so I don't get pissed that I've forgotten them, they're so cool!

I'm totally astonished as to how my life is now so one can conclude that "they are good at keeping great secrets" Stay positive everyone. Peace.

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RJeffrey (5 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-21)
For me, I was really naive for most of my life. I was shown things in dreams and events that got my attention but I never thought about being a psychic.
Whenever I had a thought that oomes into my head, in the past I thought it was common sense just telling me "this always happens".
For me (I so wish I knew other people so I didn't feel so odd), a "psychic experience" means quite a few things: I see visions, some strong enough that they cause me to stop breathing, I hear voices (crazy people do too even I have to remain skeptical), Strange things occur around me in sort of sequences when I travel, I can be physically moved all the time but they respect me in public (makes me feel very weak like I'm someones pet sometimes), I am very susceptible to emotions around me and I'm the people I'm thinking about. Sometimes it's very intense other times it's barely there, like in cycles (they slow down over time I've noticed). I don't know how to describe it but I sometimes feel huge waves of spiritual energy, and other things. I'm not sure that the term "psychic" is an accurate description for anyone, rather something should be designed to explain it (I can't come up with words for we all should do!)

Being a psychic is full of confusion, doubt about it being actually true, fustration about why it works the way it does, and my own lingering self doubt that I could ever be important enough to have abilities like these. The fact that I have vivid dreams, speak to spirits (my spiritual twin every second), and sense some stuff that is IMPOSSIBLE to predict even slightly, leads me to know that I have SOME ability.
To wonder if you have abilities AT ALL is to have them. And I feel the same way you do as you wrote in your message. We'll have to learn together! Keep in touch.
rachellauren8 (3 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-21)
I have asked questions on your other post, but you seem knowledgeable, so I have more! I was wondering how you know you're having a 'psychic' experience. Whenever I try to focus on questions in search for an answer, things will pop in my head, but I am always left saying, "MAYBE that's it." Key word: Maybe. It makes me almost feel doubtful that what I thought was right. This also happens when I try to ask questions to my guide (s). So what I am wondering is, how to I make my answers more confident and definite. I know that is a downfall in my journey to explore my abilities.

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