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Learning Experience And Obe?


There is this experience I do have when I was a child: I was always taught in a class with children of different races of what seems like higher subjects or some kind compared to my level as a child and all I remembered was the letters chem which I think was one of the subject learnt and in my dream I was always good at that chem and ranked among the best then I was just around 5 or 6. Later when I reached senior secondary class 1, my teacher wrote those letters I started realizing that what was been taught was a little familiar though the dream has stopped then. A year or rather two years from my class one it started again with so many intense topics and subject and most have not been taught real life, I can remember waking up remember mathematical equation I have seen real life but that experience is exhausive and energy sapping. It is like working round the clock, always waking up in the morning feeling tired though I might sleep for 6 hour but I havnt close my eyelid literally. One thing I enjoy in this experience is that it makes my academics and school work really better though am a very bright girl in terms of academics but during those times I hadly lift my books but have the best result, always having feeling that this isn't something to bother reading or not so important. Something of that sort, can't really explain it

Also before anything huge happens in my life I always feel it though can't explain it if e.g am going to receive an important news or someting that is likely to be life changing event wants to happen, I always feel it eg. Sometime last year in my school, I had a feeling that there was going to be test in mathematics that day but I won't write it, because of that feeling I tried everthing to avert it, by going to school before anyone else, sat at the front row later it was announced that mathematics will hold that day there were some panicking among students but I was pretty confident because I felt it earlier, I wrote the test and submitted but my paper fell off and was not submitted to the lecturer, a silly mistake made by my class representative as there was rushing from student to submit before time, this robbed me of my 30 marks so it was as good as not writing the test. Then I was left to struggle and get 50 marks out of the remaining 70 marks which is the least to score for my course... And so many others. So my question is what could this be called?

also my dreams always come to pass especially if the dream is been repeated most of the time three times. Also I don't usually really know the meaning until it happens then the meaning becomes clear though it is now too late to take action. Recently I had a dream I tried and tried to decipher it but to no avail when it later played out I understood its meaning. I am really studying the (dream) pattern recently, my greatest problem remains knowing its meaning and preventing the bad ones from happening. I have tried using prayers because am from a strong christian family but little or no success. The reason for the failure after prayers, I don't know maybe it is not meant to be answered or maybe it is meant to happen. Please help am confuse here.

The last is something that happened to me up to three to five times. When I sleep it's like am out of my body, like two separate person can't explain though but it got me really scared at first, I fidgeted a little, became serious with my spiritual life, after the third time I don't know what to say about it. When it started I was around 16 but have never told my parents since I don't know what they will make of this like I said I am from a strong religious (christian) and they seem not to believe in such.

So happy to find this site and please I need some contribution, answers and help in some of the questions and general idea of what this is all about.thanks

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-28)
In would say you are a medium and can see into the future of you'r life.
If I was you I would talk to a real medium about it.

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