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Psychic Abilities Getting Confusing And Out Of Hand?


This is my second question on this website, but I feel as if this one is more important than the last. I began getting psychic abilities last year around this time and they have since grown tremendously, but have also become out of control.

I can feel other people's physical pain and tell them exactly what's hurting and how much on a scale of 1-10. I'll get the ailment exactly right which surprises them, but isn't good for me. I'm getting my mom's back pain because she has scoliosis. My grandma has severe health problems and I get her abdominal pain. My grandfather has trouble breathing and I often have shortness of breath. I always feel terrible because I can feel the pain of people I'm close to or in close proximity to and it's really wearing me down and I don't know what to do.

I get daily premonitions and know what's going to happen in the near future. But it's always something bad. I predict death, accidents, and just general bad things. These premonitions mostly come to me at random times that I have no control over, but on very rare occasions I can try to purposely get a vision. When I do that I'm left feeling dizzy, nauseous, and with an incomplete vision. I don't know how to control this and would like to know how to strengthen my ability so that I can get visions on command sometimes and not feel bad afterwards.

This is one of the things I feel is getting out of control and just. Weird and it's creeping me out and making me feel like there's something wrong with me. My dad's an alcoholic and we don't get along at all since I highly disapprove of his constant drinking. He's started physical fights with me before about his drinking, and I remember very clearly the first time this happened about 6 months ago. He pushed me backwards and raised a fist towards my face and was about to punch me when I got extremely angry, more than I've ever gotten before. I blacked out in the sense that I wasn't conscious of my actions, I was just seeing myself act and watching what I did. Keep in mind that my dad's about 200 pounds, 6'1, and pretty muscular and knows how to fight really well while I'm 110, 5'2, and pretty skinny and not muscular. I reached my arms out and pushed him back so far and so hard that he stumbled and barely caught himself before he fell. He looked so shocked it was almost comical, but then rushed back at me so I shoved him again, harder this time. I could feel the anger coming off of him in waves and felt like I was absorbing it into myself. He stopped after the second shove and looked at me like I just fell out of the sky and landed in front of him before leaving the room. I shouldn't have been able to shove a grown man that far back given my size. I can't even do a chin-up! It was like I was taking his anger and strength and using it for myself. How is that possible? I can't find an explanation.

Also on the subject of my dad, I think I'm somehow making bad things happen to him, but I'm not sure. When I get really, really mad at him he either has car trouble (a tire goes flat or gets a nail in it, car breaks down, etc.) right after we get into an especially bad argument or he has a bad day. He thinks I have people messing with him and his car but I don't and I'm not doing it myself- consciously.

And in my house, the people who owned it had a daughter around my age (16) who committed suicide by hanging herself in a closet in the house. This was sometime before the 1960's. Ever since I started getting psychic abilities strange things have been happening to and around me. I often have a ringing in my ears, and it's hard to describe but it feels like something's trying to get through to me but is just short of breaking through. I've had my ears checked multiple times and there's nothing wrong with them. I can sense a spirit around me and I feel negative energy from it, and I think it's the girl who died in my house and she's trying to get through to me. My cat looks at the air and follows some invisible thing with his eyes a lot, and when this happens I can sense the spirit but not see it. I've had heavy objects fall near me, the sound of clawing on doors (it's not my cat because he stays near me all the time) things bumping and creaking when they shouldn't and a lot more things.

I'm not sure what's going on and it would be great if I could get some help.

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Renan-Spiritism (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-27)
Hello, my friend,

Sorry for my poor english, in my country we speak portuguese.

You have an amazing gift, and I should say you asked for that before reincarnating.

Wanna know more?

Well, I'd suggest you to read this article:


I think Spiritism can be helpful for you. Please take a look and tell me if you like.

Best regards,

Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-10-22)
Spirit matches energy... Think about it, if someone is doing nasty naughty things, spirit matches it... And it is not how we would handle it usually... I know I had the same things happening when someone would try to get me to do wrongful things, their truck would go haywire causing different kinds of havoc... So to help that person, I starting saying positive things to them and focusing on a loving nature, and it stopped... I even told spirit not to do stuff like that... It should be something to teach them about why others cause others pain, a lesson of good learning... So understand you have to teach spirit... Try writing it down, your intentions, you have to give spirit direction.

I pray for your dad, both of you on here, both dads, that they feel a great love towards you and your intentions of no harm to them, may only love and goodness prevail these issues, may new found joy warm your lives and all be well for everyone.

Namaste, joni ❤
rachellauren8 (3 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-19)
This is freaky. We are like... Almost two in the same. I am empathic, but not as strongly as you. I only get emotions from others, I am not able to pick up physical ailments. Occasionally when I am around someone sick, I am temporarily sick just like them, without actually having the illness. However I cannot tell they are sick unless they say it. What freaks me out the most here is the part about your dad. My dad is a raging alcoholic, and I am not okay with it, but he isn't going to change. So one day I got in trouble with police for smoking a cigar. I was 17 and a half, not 18 at the time, so they called my parents on me. I told them that they were opening a door for me that should never be opened. I was literally hysterical. I was crying so hard when they said that, that I was LAUGHING. I kept saying that they don't understand what they're doing. Saying they don't understand what will happen to me. They called my parents and told me to go home. When I got home, my parents were waiting at the door to "greet" me. I told the cops that my dad was going to hit me, which he has never done before, but he has threatened to. The cops said they'd come to my house to make sure they didn't, but I told them it was pointless because my dad could obviously just do it once they left. So, my dad was screaming at me, telling me to get the "blank" out of his house and to never come back. I was sitting on the couch just zoning out, waiting for him to be done. He kept telling me to never come back, so I asked him if he really wanted me to go. He said yes. So I got up to go grab some things, and to never come back like he wanted. As soon as I stood up, he shoved me and it pushed me back into the arm rest of the couch and caused me to stumble. I instinctively got up and shove him back so far that he fell into the corner of the wall. It's a corner of a wall that sticks outward, concave, not convex. He started coming back at me to well... Yeah. My mom got him away somehow and told him to go outside, and he did. I am a very small girl, okay. I am 5'1 and a half, and I weigh around 114ish, give or take. My dad is 5'8 and weighs WELL OVER 200 pounds. He is a big guy and I managed to shove him with absolutely no problem. That has struck me as weird, and the fact that you had a similar situation makes me wonder. I am sorry for your experience, of course. I definitely think you're an empath. In order to keep other energies from draining you, you should try to envision a white light (I picture a deep purple, but it's what makes you feel safe) surrounding your body, and just mentally take note that nothing will influence you. You could also carry a crystal with you. I have a necklace that can hold crystals and stones, and I keep it on at all times. Best of luck:]

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