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Obe- And A Little Fearful


First off let me state that I just want to know what I am going through, and with all the information out there it is hard to figure out what exactly I am going through. I am also not the best story teller or talented writer.

I went to sleep like any other night when I woke up and found that I couldn't move my body at all, no matter how much I tried. I do remember the tingling sensation through out my entire body, as if my foot fell asleep but all over. It had felt like minutes had gone by when I closed my eyes, upon reopening them I looked down to see my self sleeping. In that moment it felt as though I was a kid playing with two magnets holding them apart trying to feel the pull between the two, when I was pulled back to my body. I was a little freaked but pretty out of it, I tried to just roll over and forget about it. I then felt something "hand like" grab my left shoulder, at this time I couldn't move my body again and a little angry because I thought my roommate was trying to wake me up. I then, what I could only describe as sheer force of will which seemed like forever, moved my hand and grabbed the hand on my shoulder. Upon looking at it, the only way I could describe it is, it was a black long hand with thin fingers, a little freaked, I said, "No! Go away!" Then instantly rushed to turn on my bedroom light about 6 feet away. When I made it to my light switch I tried to flip it on, and couldn't make contact with the switch. I then turned around and seen myself sleeping, also looking for whoever grabbed my shoulder and nothing else was in the room. I was pulled like the magnets again back to my bed, then the full body tingling returned. I guess I fell asleep because nothing else happened and I woke up the next day. Just in awe of what happened the night before. I asked my roommates if they tried to wake me up or come into the bedroom, and I guess none of them did and they had turned in early as well. I read about "out of body experiences" and "body paralysis" and looked into the hand I seen and grabbed. Everything has just left me with even more questions then answers. I am also unusually tired and exhausted and haven't done anything out of the ordinary outside my normal routine. I just feel drained. I have just been trying to come up with reasonable explanations and answers. I truly believe I had an out of body experience. As for the hand? I have no idea but that leaves me with just as many questions and the need for understanding.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-10)
Dear Nightmist,

What you have experienced is a demon messing with you while asleep. The sleep paralysis is caused by energy that was released all over your body and they entered your dream as well. From your explnation it looks like they want to weaken you physically so your mental state would also be affected and then they'll strike again and do something really bad.

I don't know details about your lifestyle, but if you're drinking alcohol or take drugs, it'll be easier for them to do that again. Going through some life troubles also gives them more power and field to do things you wouldn't like them to do.

I suggest that you learn how to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. I can help you with that. If you're interested leave a comment or email me,


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