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I Think I Saved My Little Cousins Life?


I woke up one morning after a crazy nightmare or vision it was about my little 5 year old cousin. I had dreamt that he and his mom were at the lightrail station about to Catch a train and my little cousin had ran to rails and the train was coming too close it couldn't stop so it killed him and I saw his mother trying to get him but she wasn't fast enough to Catch him and train took him and ripped him apart. Real life just yesterday I talked to my cousins father and I told him hey take care of your kids I had dream and I told him and he confirmed that his wife has been wanting to take the kids downtown and of course ride in train and I guess my dream was sign of it and he has been warned and hope he took my warning seriously because it could end tragically, what do you guys think about that? The weird thing is I haven't talked to them for weeks and haven't had them in my thoughts recently so I find it weird to be having dreams with them since it just happened this week I just hope for nothing bad to happen because my dreams do come true. Another thing that happened this week I had a weird dream I guess, it was about 3 am I had gone to bed knocked out and then I was dreaming that I had woken up feeling chest pain like a heart attack and blurred vision I couldn't call 911 because of it so I walked to the kitchen as I could falling down (I have never in my life passed out) but somehow in this dream I knew I passed out and I felt it and I knew I was going die because I couldn't get to the phone and I live alone! The end of the dream I wake up in real life freaked out and drank some water, relaxed and went back to bed guess what happens next I'm having the same dream again, same episode but this time I knew if I stayed indoors I was going to die so I as best as I could I walked out of my apartment and yelled for help and I passed out outside my home this time and then I could feel a large dog coming to my rescue he pulled me by neck or shirt and I could feel the dogs got breath on my neck and pulled me to somewhere there was an ambulance or something that carried me away to a hospital end of story I wake up in real life the back of my neck felt warm from where the dog dragged me in my dream, I felt freaked out and relieved because in my dream I had a second chance and I think this a warning to me I been taking some medication and it has been raising my blood pressure and pulse really bad so I will stop taking it because I feel like it could kill me like my dream, what do you guys think about this one?

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