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Possible Electrokinesis And Little Info On My Clairvoyance


During this week sometimes in while I am alone I listen to a bunch of real nice music that gets me really excited and the lights around me, begin to flicker and my wireless headset would act up sometimes like for a minute it would stop playing and then start again on it's own weird could I be experiencing, electrokinesis or is it just my enrgy field

I am also clairvoyant and I see visions sometimes like once I was meditating and I saw my step sister and her dog and they were in the room I was meditating in. And they were surrounded by this blue aura this like nice blue kind of darkish aura, and they were in my closet and she stared at me like she was weirded out and the dog was just looking and sniffing my closest also

I had another vision a month after that I was meditating in the sun and all of a sun the sun light behind my eyes got redder until it became an image a red brick room, like some kind of of military or something like that room I was kind of shocked so like two seconds afterward the image Faded

And then later that night I was listening to music again to unwind after a cleaning up the kitchen and I was excited about tomorrow because I was going to Disney world and soo I this time the lights flickered a few times and when I tried to plug in my. Phone because the battery was low I saw electricity as I put the plug in and I didn't get shocked which I thought was rather weird and so I kind of stupidly touched the outlet and nothing happened no electricity nothing it didn't even feel worm.

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