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Wife Is Looking For A Medium Around Chicago


This is my first post on here. My wife has been looking for a medium to do an in person reading to help her communicate with some loved ones that have passed. Would anyone happen to know of someone who is currently accepting clients around Chicago? My wife does prefer an in person reading.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!


Since this needs to be a story of an experience I will include one here as well. I am an empath I recently found out. I do not think I have many visions of the future, but I do feel energy a lot! I am very hyper aware of peoples emotions, and in the past would be affected by them from time to time. I did a quick google search and found/bought The empaths survival guide, and its been a great tool to help me cope. Anyway I will share a cool/kinda creepy story. A few years ago my working department got assigned a new manager. He brought with him a few employees. It was no more than 2-3 months later that one of these employees' mom passed away suddenly. Half the department went to the funeral. It was my first time attending an African American funeral service. There was a lot of incredible energy and lots of music and great memories shared of the lovely woman. So the service was drawing to a close, and you could tell it was because the music became louder and singing became louder and the preaching as well! Suddenly, in what I can best describe as my "minds eye" I see his mother in a kind of translucent haze, and she is so happy. Like jumping up and down to the music hands up waving and just incredibly overjoyed. I looked to my left and to my right to check if my co workers were experiencing this as well, and they obviously were not, lol. So I took the moment in, and it absolutely warmed my heart, and made me really happy to know my co worker. Afterward I was exhausted and kind of a ball of emotions. I felt like expended in a weird way.

Anyway yeah thanks for reading, and if anyone has any insight on the above it would be cool as well, but I am mainly in search of a medium for my wife, because she is really looking for some validation that her loved ones are still around her (even though I tell her all the time that I feel them, and I do!)


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