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Looking For Assistance In Unblocking Psychic Abilities


Dear All,

I am looking for assistance in unblocking psychic abilities. I say unblocking rather than unlocking as I have had psychic abilities for many years but due to a chronic physical illness as well as emotional trauma (bullying at work and death in family as well as a lot of other stuff), my abilities have become blocked however every now and then a little of what I used to have emerges. But it is uncontrollable, momentary and weak.

I have empathic synesthesia which means I can physically feel emotional energy, whether from music, people or animals or even sometimes the earth and places (some places absorb or record the repetitive emotional resonance over time or sometimes they absorb the emotional resonance from one traumatic event).

I used to have psychic dreams where it wasn't really like dreaming but waking up in another place. I could read future occurrences not often but to me it was like a pebble had been cast into a pond and I could read the ripples that an event gave out. I couldn't do it all the time. There are many other experiences which I have had and been able to do because of my abilities.

I would like to unblock them and have more control over them again. For me it like a regular person losing an arm or something.

I would really appreciate any assistance, advice and ideas that anyone could give me in this matter. Just so you know I have tried meditation, spellcasting (I believe in a form of energy wicca or rekki related to my previous abilities) and praying. But it hasn't really worked, the last two partly because I can't connect with my brain in the way I used to.

Thank you everyone who participates and I wish you well.

With kind regards,


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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
Hi Meebee,

No matter how you slice or dice it, the human body is a filter for the energy body. To experience more intensely the mysteries of the energy body (astral projection, remote viewing, psychic phenomena, etc), you would want to work on clearing the blocks that have been create over time in your chakras. Babies and small children can see the other side of the veil for a reason. As we age, we are "blocked" up from many of the things you mention; bullying (or any emotional trauma-- how many times have we heard of people 'putting up walls' and such?), drugs, processed food, pollution, limiting beliefs that settle into our energy body and so forth.

There are whole volumes of data on how to clear up your chakras. Any good book store, or even library (which will have books for free) will pave the way for you. There are color, sound & visual meditations, diets, and so on that will help you. And the other good news from this, other than really increasing our psychic skills is that it results in superior health. Gotta like that!

Best to you,

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